How the BeforeLife Impacts this one

“There is much anxiety in the world over the afterlife.

People go through their entire lives wondering if they were a good person in this life. They ask themselves, “Am I going to a happy place after I die like heaven, or am I going to go somewhere else?” This type of thinking is based on the beliefs you acquired as a child.

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These beliefs caused you to keep a scorecard of how many good deeds you did versus the bad ones. You keep hoping the good ones will outweigh the bad ones at the end of your life. You think these thoughts because this is how you’ve been taught, that you are judged when you cross over.

To us, all this worrying is wasted time. Why? It’s because you planned your life long before you came here. Yes … what that means is that you were someplace else before you got here, the BeforeLife. You planned your life with the help of your Spirit Family – the family that followed you here to watch over your progress and guide you.

You came here for your soul to work out certain aspects that you call lessons, so you could evolve. Coming here is like taking a test. Yes, you could pass or fail, depending on the effort you took in planning it before you got here. It was in the planning that would determine how hard you were going to work on it once you arrived.

Remembering the BeforeLife changes the way you look at what you should be doing in this life.

What you came here to do in this lifetime is how you will find your way back home – where you came from. However, once you got here you were assigned amnesia which wiped out most of your memory of your Spirit Family, who you were before you got here, where you came from, and why you came here. To awaken from your amnesia, the first revelation you need to have that will set you on the path of living the life you came here to experience is realizing that this life is not all there is. This begins to dawn on you when you start feeling that it’s got to be better somewhere else. And when you ask yourself, why would I have been put into this situation of fear and struggle if I wasn’t supposed to learn something?

Some people have the revelation that this life is not all there is, earlier in their lives than at other times. However, once you get out of the way of your beliefs and accept that you had a BeforeLife that you will return to will you begin to get a different perspective on what’s going on around you in this life. All in all, every person you meet is only trying to find their way back home.

So, the challenge becomes remembering where you came from, who you are, and why you are here, rather than anticipating where you are going once you leave. If you keep worrying about how good or bad you are and where you’re going once you leave here, then you will continue to live a superficial life.


  • While most people are worried about the afterlife and where they are going … few people think about where was I before I got here?
  • Ask yourself, “Could it be that I’m just on a temporary assignment to accomplish something here?”
  • Once you’ve realized that this life is not all there is, your perspective on birth and death will totally change.

HOW IT WORKS: I asked my Spirit Guides why they let me remember that “this life is not all there is” when they came to my rescue at 20 months old? Here’s what they said, “You would have given up early on if we hadn’t allowed you to have this revelation. Some people do remember where they came from. Many people explain this past-life recall in past life regression under hypnosis. Knowing that this life is not all there is – is the cornerstone of building your life here while trying to get home.”

Wow, I never asked them this before. The moment I realized that “this life is not all there is” I knew it was a game-changer. This one realization put so many things into perspective for me in my childhood. Fear no longer dominated me, I didn’t take things personally, I remembered who I was, and I remembered them. This enabled me to believe in myself and experience new things. This made all the difference, in positive ways, how my life worked out. ~ Linda Deir

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