Forgiving Others is Unnecessary

Perspectives on forgiveness:

“Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.” ~ Lily Tomlin

“Forgiving others is unnecessary when you don’t take things personally in the first place.” ~ Linda Deir

Forgiving yourself for taking things personally is the game-changer.

In fact, forgiveness doesn’t even apply when you see people and things and accept them for who and what they are. When you can see everything for what it is the judgment never starts and therefore, there’s nothing to forgive. Forgiveness is only necessary after getting off to a wrong start in life.  The hurt that you’ve taken on turns you into a victim.

Forgiveness is the result of taking things personally, as blame and judgment take on a vicious cycle. The universe fulfills this belief as you draw more of what you believe to you, and then you promote it by projecting it onto others. This becomes a way of life. When it becomes this dominant it takes something like “forgiveness,” as a last-ditch effort, to interrupt the cycle and lift the pressure that has been blocking your life and keeping you stuck. Stuck in what has become a habit from your interpretation of what you believed happened at that moment in time. Stuck energy.

When you have a communication bridge with your Spirit Guides, they reinforce how forgiving others is unnecessary.

Even if you were selected out by someone who bullied, rejected, or blamed you, it’s only as relevant to you as you claimed it as your own. If you did something that deliberately hurt someone else, forgiving yourself won’t stop you from doing it again. The resolution does not come from forgiveness, it comes when you look deeper into understanding where this is coming from within you. Even if you know better than to hurt someone else, especially the ones who don’t deserve it, this “disconnect” will continue to cause you to project your own hurts onto others until you have healed them. Where did it come from? When did it start?

Putting this off any longer will only continue to erode your life. There is nothing beneficial about carrying this around. Healing it will reconnect you, so you are capable of having compassion for others who are suffering from what used to be your affliction. This makes the concept of “forgiveness” look ridiculous and superficial. To forgive someone is like giving them a free pass to avoid dealing with the real problem.

So, since forgiving others is unnecessary the only one you need to forgive is yourself. That’s because you are the one who got you off track in the first place.

You can forgive yourself as a temporary measure to release yourself from repeating past mistakes long enough to figure out how your pain and suffering took over your life.

All this suffering is unnecessary. It’s caused by living a disconnected life that leaves you drifting around looking for yourself. Until you resolve that, you will continue to seek out willing and unsuspecting victims to play into what validates your own suffering. At some point, you will be faced with you – the only one who can fix it once and for all. Everyone else will be glad for the day when you no longer do things to them that cause you to seek their forgiveness.

The next time you hear someone promoting “forgiveness” you will see right through their superficial and thoughtless approach to actually dealing with the problem. Until they do that, you can be sure they will continue to depend on forgiveness, over and over again.

So, looking back, when did you last forgive someone or ask to be forgiven? Or when did you realize that forgiving others is unnecessary? How did that ultimately work for you and them? Asking yourself these questions and writing them down in your journal is what it will take so your Guides can hear you with precision. Now … you can expect to receive their solution. This will move you through what keeps you stuck. ~ Linda Deir

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