Bullies Exposed

Everybody knows a bully or two. Nowadays people of all ages get bullied all the time.

It’s a place for the insecure coward to control someone. Under the surface, the bully has a deep desire to feel powerful because they know they are weak. They are angry and feel the need to get even. So, who is it they want to get even with?

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... Bullies Exposed

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels.

When you were in school there weren’t as many types of bullies as there is today, but now bullies are out in full force. In school, you had the bigger kids, the tough kids, but nowadays, besides those types you have cyber-bullies. 

Gangs of bullies pick a target then relentlessly find ways to humiliate that person. It’s now to the point a person can feel so bullied and helpless that they take their own life. We would say that bullies have declined to a new low.

Many times, a bully is driven by jealousy and envy.

A target has something the bully does not. It could be something like fame among your peers, or a certain social status someone has that drives the bully crazy because they know they could never achieve that. This jealousy and envy permeate all levels of schools, the workplace, and even to the highest levels of government.

Other things that set the bully off is someone who has a privileged life or some sort of advantage.

Someone who is smarter than they are, or luckier than they have been in life. The fact is, it’s just someone who has worked hard to get what they have. However, all the bully acknowledges is that they don’t have it, so if they can’t have it they will demean others who do have it.

The biggest bullies who feel they cannot be stopped are many times politicians. Others with positions of authority, no matter how small or great, are tempted to be bullies in certain situations. Knowing that someone cannot defend themselves, or take the criticism, humiliation, and abuse that a bully can dish out just makes the bully laugh. They don’t feel sorry for them at all. In fact, they believe they deserve it.

In the bully’s sick way, they think that by demeaning someone else they will rise up and become more famous in their social circles. They do this by either being feared or revered. The bully is deeply insecure and will take either one to feel powerful.”


  • Bullies are driven by jealousy.
  • There are many more kinds of bullying than there have been in the past.
  • Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and at all levels of society.

How It WorksSo, how do you deal with a bully? In my flagship book, GUIDED I confronted bullies on every front, beginning with my family, orchestrated by my bully mother. My life has been filled with balancing injustices and confronting bullies. When I would not let my mother’s threats persuaded me to join in with her, she pronounced me the enemy of the family. All my family members were required to comply with her bully tactics toward me or else they would be next. I learned that bullies and their bully accomplices are deeply insecure people. They feel cheated in life and that’s why they are mean. They are hungry for power and threaten anyone who gets in their way.  They are sneaky, they lie and exaggerate. In fact, they believe their own lies and will do whatever it takes to get even, or even destroy those who oppose or expose them. A bully feels like a failure, that’s why they resort to bully tactics in the first place. A bully’s biggest fear is being exposed, I learned this at 20 months old when my mother was exposed for being a bully and feared the thought of being caught for abusing me. I will be sharing new developments about the family members in GUIDED. Just when I thought my book, GUIDED said it all, it looks like these family members may, by their reactions to GUIDED, provide the material for the sequel to GUIDED II. ~ Linda Deir

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