Help Yourself By Helping Others

“Everybody needs help and most people would like to make a positive difference in the world.

We are not talking about passive help, like sending some money to support a cause, but identifying what matters to you in your life. Is it sports, business, art, music, animals, the environment?… the list is endless. 

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  • Find some other people who share that passion and begin to network with them. Find out what you can learn from them and what you can teach them. How can you contribute and support each other even in the smallest of ways?
  • A business person can contribute to networking groups or can mentor a young student. A musician could show up at the gigs of other musicians that you admire.
  • Show your support for that person just by being there, or by putting a few dollars in their tip jar.

Spread the word about artists that you admire and about their reputation. You will find that others will start doing the same for you. Everyone needs to find out how to give back in some way.

A key question is “How can you help someone to get out of their pain?”

Maybe it’s something as small as encouragement and support. In a business environment, it could be showing genuine concern for each and every person you work with. It is natural to be kind and help others – it is a response that brings happiness. The world we live in has turned people against each other in competitive ways. That’s what’s wrong with the corporate environment. You are more apt to make a consistent positive difference and help yourself to grow and improve when you help others. Share your compassion and your kindness with others and watch how they respond. Don’t be concerned if they don’t get it right away.

“How can I help you?” are five powerful words.”


  • People who have given of themselves selflessly throughout their life will always be the biggest winners.
  • The best way you can improve your life is by helping others.
  • We are coming into times that will force people to help each other.   

How It Works: It can be hard to imagine that with all the stress and struggle you are going through that you can improve your life by taking the time and energy to help someone else. Your natural response could be that this would push you over the edge. But that may be just what it takes to gain a perspective on your life. Let’s hope these acts of kindness become contagious. ~ Linda Deir

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