The First Time I Met My Spirit Guide Angels

Guided Journey

Imagine having a solid relationship with your Spirit Guides. Being able to detect their messages with ease. Having conversations with them, helping you understand and figure things out.

This is a natural ability you were born with. You do these things all the time but forget because you haven’t been writing them down. It’s about becoming conscious of the guidance and the conversations you are always having with them. Once you start writing it down your life will make sense like never before.

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Linda Deir talks about The First Time She Met Her Spirit Guide Angels

Raised By Spirit Guides, chapter one of Guided … the first time I met my “Spirit Guide Angels” I wasn’t aware that it was “them,” or that I was getting help. Things continued to happen outside my abilities over and over again, eventually leading me to the inevitable conclusion – that I wasn’t alone. That’s when I began to realize that I was getting help and being guided. I was living in 2 worlds.

Once I realized that something more was going on than what existed here, the challenges I was facing no longer dominated me.  I was much more interested in these unseen forces working on my behalf than anyone here. “They” became my focus and my guiding light. Once I made this connection with “them” nothing here could ever hurt me like it used to. I was living in two worlds.

Before “they” came into focus for me I was constantly being blindsided by a cruel and hurtful mother.

This became a source of great frustration for her as she changed her strategy time and time again in her attempt to effectively hurt me. I never meant to cause her this frustration, it was her own undoing. With the help of my “Spirit Guides,” I became observant and victim-free. This drove my mother crazy as her determination to defeat me intensified. This was her choice, not mine.

Do you recognize when you are getting help? How do you know it’s your Spirit Guides?

Here’s the test:

  • Your challenge will always be for you to recognize that it’s them who are guiding you.
  • Your job is to learn to listen and then act on their timely guidance while it’s still valid, instead of forcing and chasing things.

From my own experiences, in the beginning, I feel it’s more probable to make this solid connection with them out of necessity. I was backed into a corner that, on my own, I was clueless about how to rise above any of it. Thanks to my Spirit Guides and Angels, they not only saved me from a hopeless childhood, but they also became my mentors, my master teachers, and my best friends – my real friends who guided me then and now.

No one is more connected to you than your Source-Connected Guides – no one! They know everything about you and why you are here.

They are always on your side. However, they will never coddle you or treat you like you are helpless. They see doing that as stifling to the powerful being who came here to express itself in this world.

Being raised by Spirit Guides is a choice. It’s a choice that many people don’t even realize they have. In my case, when I was 20 months old and found myself out of options was when this solid connection with my Spirit Guides and Angels occurred. From that one experience, I realized that the dysfunctional family I was born into was not my only option, I had my spiritual family from where I came from. My choice was an obvious one – one that I never dared to tell anyone. Yes, I had lessons to learn from this dysfunctional family I was born into, but without the intelligent guidance of my spiritual family, my Spirit Guides, I didn’t stand a chance in this lifetime.

Living in that dysfunctional family combined with a powerful spiritual connection to my Spirit Guides, I formed a life, though very unconventional, that turned out to be exceptional due to the early awareness and training I received from my real family, my Spirit Guides. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have made it, I wouldn’t have wanted to. ~ My deepest gratitude, Linda Deir

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