When Did You Realize You Were Being Guided, part 1

Guided Journey

Did something life-changing happen in your life that made you aware that you were getting help and being guided?

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Linda Deir talks about When Did You Realize You Were Being Guided, part 1Like in my book, Guided, I talk about when I was 20 months old and found myself backed into a corner and completely out of options – I ASKED FOR HELP! To my amazement there “they” were, surrounding me with their calm and steady presence.

They didn’t treat me like a helpless baby. It was like they saw me as a whole person.

The first realization I had was that I was not alone. The next realization was that I was getting help and that I was loved by those who followed me here. I recognized that they were my real family, the ones I remembered. Where I came from.

When did something life-changing happen in your life that made you ask for help? When was the first time you remember asking for help? Did you get the help? What happened?

It was something you knew how to do, but you didn’t know why you knew it. What did you do with that information, the guidance you received? How long did it take before you acted on it? How did it work out?

Here are some pointers on how this works.

You are learning to pay attention to more than what’s just happening here in this world. You will be learning the reality of actually living in two worlds. You didn’t just come here, you planned it.

All I’m doing is taking you back to some basic moments in your life that we all have in common to help you remember when you lived in 2 worlds, naturally. Missing it then, led you to miss it all the time. Pretty soon “missing it” became normal.

Then, one day you felt alone – really alone!

This was the same feeling that caused you to ask for help in the first place, even before you can remember asking. This is your second chance, your wake-up call to recall what you have been missing all along – the reconnection to your Spirit Guides and Angels.

You dropped the ball before you even knew you had it. That happened shortly after you arrived. That’s why I take you back – back to the beginning when the confusion started. Using your journal, I take you back to remind you what you missed. ~ Linda Deir

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Click Here to see all my books