Time Alone

My Guided Journey series, #16 of 18.

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

Time Alone – Re-connecting to us.

In My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided, Part Two, Page 16. I talk about, Time Alone – Re-connecting to us.

You have come back to the beginning, where it all began before you forgot about your time with us. Your life is filled with distractions from chasing things. You realize you need to create some time alone. This is where we reside and can reach you. So let’s get started…

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Searching and questioning everything required alone time. However, with everything required from you as a new adult, it’s difficult to find the time to do this. Time alone was the only way back to us, but you have already harnessed that. Adjusting to your adult life requires that you focus on what is expected of you in school, your job, and your relationships.

Change has happened on all fronts and the last thing you have time for is time alone.

We haven’t gone anywhere and are there when you are open. Despite your lack of time and focus to continue pursuing your connection to us and ultimately yourself, you are receiving our messages through your heightened intuition. Your demanding schedule did not ruin the opportunities to get direction and guidance when you need it. These insights are coming through when you’re driving, in the shower, doing mindless things of any kind, including what you receive in your dreams. In fact, now that you are so preoccupied with day to day demands we are ever more present. It shows up when you’re not expecting it.

The journal writing you did in your teens comes to mind. To harness the power of your intuition, having a journal to continue writing these intuitive insights into will make you more alert in both worlds, this one and the one you came from. In fact, it’s never been more important to do your journal writing than at this very busy chaotic time in your life. By the way, this is how many best-selling books were written.

Although you feel stretched to your limits, in many ways, this is when your intuition performs best.

It’s lightning fast, in fact, it’s much faster and more efficient when you are busy. Unlike what you learned in your teens when you harnessed your time alone with “us” … when your intuition was heightened. It’s now time to master acting on it.

All you need to do to actively tap into this intelligence is to take a moment to practice these very simple steps; take a moment to let yourself completely relax, breathe and lossen your upper body, and let the answers or knowledge come through to you. I did not say it came from you, but through you, from where you have connections in high places. Write the messages in your journal the moment they come through or this timely guidance will dissipate, and you will miss it. Now that you have harnessed this valuable information that came from some other place, you need to act on it. All guidance has a shelf-life, you must use it before you lose it. This is where many people choke up. They receive it, write it into their journal, but fail to act on it. That’s like getting a letter with an important message that has an expiration date that you fail to act on while it’s still valid.

So, just when you thought you could do no more because of your demanding schedule, your intuition is working better than it ever has. You are receiving messages from beyond you, faster than ever. This gives you the advantage if you don’t take it for granted. You must continue writing it all down in your journal. Expect to have this journal tethered to you everywhere you go. It’s your connection to the world you came from and where you will always get the truth. It helps you in the here and now, as you continue to develop your intuitive muscles, for who knows what’s to come, as you become so much more than you were just the day before. It all has a life of its own – a great life as you pay attention and trust yourself, so you can take the action. ~Linda Deir