How Do You Know you are Not Alone and Always Being Guided?
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … you will realize you only feel alone when you are not yourself.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … I have a system that will bring your real self back into the picture and feel the guidance.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … you will have a way to experience your real self and once you do you will never settle for less than that ever again.


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It’s easy to say that you are not alone and always being guided but how do you know if that’s true?

Is it just a slogan or wishful thinking that someone is here, watching over you and protecting you? Who is it that sends you the guidance that helps you in your daily life?

When was the last time you realized someone was present?

Someone you couldn’t see but felt them there. Maybe you heard their voice, maybe you caught yourself talking to someone who wasn’t physically there? The fact that you are talking out loud when no one else is around is proof that someone is there. Someone you can’t see but felt their energy.

Look back in your life and describe one time you actually knew someone was there but couldn’t see them? Someone you felt was guiding you and protecting you. What happened? … How did it feel, what did you realize, and what action did you take? Did it surprise you? Were you able to repeat the process? Did you tell anyone about it? Chances are – you didn’t tell anyone. You kept it to yourself, fearful of people’s perception of you. Would they think you are crazy? Would they see you as someone who hallucinates about invisible friends, like you used to experience as a child?

These are some of the reasons it’s difficult to talk about receiving guidance with anyone who doesn’t bring it up first. You are so afraid of the consequences of being who you are that you put yourself in a self-created invisible prison by pretending to be someone else. A prison that prevents you from living the life you planned out with your Spirit Guides before you got here.

It’s always about the consequences.

Consequences that people may avoid you if you let them see who you really are. What if it made them like you even more? What if they have been waiting all their life for someone they could talk to about these things. Someone who feels and wonders about the same things you do? This could be the first real friendship you have had so far in this lifetime.

So, you have a choice … what are you going to do? Are you going to keep this important knowledge to yourself and continue to hide out because you are worried about what others may say or think about you? Or are you willing to escape that prison by being true to yourself, so you can attract people just like you who you can share your true self with?


  • Everybody needs to be accepted for who they are.
  • How do you find people you are compatible with if you don’t let them know who you really are?
  • If you are hiding who you really are – how will you ever meet your real friends?

HOW IT WORKS: How do you know that you are not alone and always being guided? … here’s the test. How much is fear controlling you? Ask yourself, “how much have I compromised living the life I intended by allowing fear to control me?” Pretending to be someone you are not will make you feel lost and alone in this world.

So, remember this; if they don’t like who you really are, they didn’t like you anyway. Being who you really are, just lets them know that you are okay with that. So, how are you doing? Only when you are being who you really are and fully present, will you be able to answer that question. This is when you will experience how you are really doing – possibly for the first time ever! ~ Linda Deir

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