How to ask for their help. You ask your Guides, even when you don’t know you’re asking. Asking is a natural response to getting answers when you need them. So why is this such a natural thing to do? …And, who are you asking?

Can you remember the first time you asked and got an answer?

Most likely you asked with your thoughts and not your words. You were alone when it happened, but you didn’t really feel alone. Since it’s not something people talk about or admit to doing, you probably never talked about this before. Strangely, it feels like something you shouldn’t do. Where did that feeling come from? Since it’s so natural and you do it all of the time, like it was built-in before you could even think about it, evidently this is important to understand. So let’s get started…

To ask is to experience what it’s like to be connected, almost by accident.

You ask before you even consciously decided to ask. There is real comfort in asking, but who are you asking? It’s such a natural response to getting answers when you need them, however as you get older, you start to reason that it’s you who you are talking to, and you who comes up with all the answers. It feels like self-talk. That’s because the connection you have to your Spirit Guides and the universe is so natural it feels like it’s coming from you, not separate from you … and that is true. That’s what it feels like when you are “one” with everything and connected. It’s what it was like before you got here and where you return to when you leave. That’s why it feels so natural and why it actually feels like you, but there’s a lot more going on than just you.

So, exactly who is it you are talking to when asking? Rather than giving it a chance to show you what was really happening the moment it was happening, you interrupted it by dismissing it as some kind of quirk. As time went by, you suspected that this quirk is possibly something that only happened to you. Now you wonder, could whatever this is that started out as a mere quirk, be some kind of mental illness? Whatever it is, it’s not the norm. So how do you explain this!? … You don’t!

Did you notice how the “what if” got you away from what was really happening? That’s because the “what if” already answered the questions. The answers are the predictable ones and best of all, they come fast. By the way, these are not answers, they are expected outcomes disguised as answers coming from you. This can only happen when you energetically insist that things are the way you want or expect them to be. It’s void of the truth. Fast forward 20 years and this choice of behavior could become a diagnosis of mental illness.

It’s not how you ask your Guides, but the intention with which you ask. The best questions show up before you could think them up. Life-changing moments can come from these moments. It’s in these moments, you are connected and hence have no judgment or anything to defend. When the pressure is released, you become instantly present and connected.

What goes wrong when you ask? You are not open to the truth. What goes right when you ask? When you catch yourself asking or have a question without expecting any outcome, the answer comes almost as fast as the question. It’s happening all the time.

Start paying attention to this subtle energy that is always sending you valuable time-sensitive guidance. Write these important questions and the answers in your journal. They will become the steppingstones on your journey through growing self-awareness. ~Linda Deir

My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir