The Societal Breakdown We Predicted February 2019 - Is Now Here
  • The takeaway from this episode is … society has entered a time of enormous change, are you ready?
  • Here’s what this will do for you … it’s time to discover your part in this societal change.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … don’t waste another moment worrying about these inevitable changes – start writing about what was unusual or out of the ordinary each day to identify the role you are destined to play in these uncertain times.


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What does this societal breakdown look like?

What is causing it and why is it happening? The only reason that society reaches a breaking point like the one you are experiencing now is when the imbalance between the rich and the poor is strained. The recent death of a black man was the tipping point, setting this societal breakdown into motion. 

This imbalance will prove to be fatal and the downfall of your republic. 

While trillion-dollar bailouts that you are told are designed to rescue the economy sound good they rarely benefit you. Yes, some stimulus checks and some additional Federal money from the CARES Act are more than people expected, and even the stimulus checks from the President were all good. However, who got the bulk of the trillions of dollars of stimulus? Most of it went to the wealthiest people in the country to buoy up the megabanks so they can continue their financial shenanigans to keep the markets afloat. This has worked in the past so why won’t it work now? Now it is different. Now people have reached a breaking point with a catalyst to violently protest all around the country.

The death of a black man in Minnesota was the match that lit the fire.

People who have been discriminated against and put through decades of working more for less money now found themselves unable to provide for their families and are deeply in debt. What used to be an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work disappeared a long time ago. People are working more and more hours at two or three jobs and still can’t pay their rent or their mortgage and put food on the table. This is happening in the wealthiest nation in the world!

When you look at the entire world and all the industrialized nations there shouldn’t be anyone who is hungry, unhealthy, or homeless. The disparity is glaringly obvious when the wealthiest ten percent of Americans own almost 85% of all stock investments and continue to do better year over year. It’s all thanks to stimulus plans that artificially hold up the banks and the markets.

Also, you have a political agenda that has reared its ugly head to ruin the worldwide economy under the guise of fear of getting sick. While others struggle to keep it running and allowing their people to live a respectable life, you have the evil intentions of a few who want to control everything.


  • You shouldn’t be surprised that this societal breakdown is happening, you should have expected it.

  • What have you done to prepare for the societal breakdown we have warned you about more than once since our last prediction in February  2019?

  • Now that it’s here, who is qualified to help you. Ask us, we have been waiting for you to be ready.

HOW IT WORKS: You are witnessing a societal breakdown and not just a skirmish. Societal breakdowns benefit those who have been repressed. Just like what happened in the late 1960s when injustices intersected on many fronts, hitting a breaking point. This is just the beginning.

So, what part do you intend to play out amongst all this chaos? The result will be that change is inevitable. People have felt anger and edginess in each other for years. We are now at a tipping point where anything can happen to fuel the next outburst.

In my book Guided, I talk about the life-changing choices I made in the late1960s that turned out better than had I planned them myself. I had help! … I knew I was being guided. I achieved victory after victory by paying close attention to the guidance that was present – every time I needed it. Even though chaos was swirling all around me in my childhood home and at school, I had a connection that always gave me clear direction … and, so do you. ~ Linda Deir