Are You Ready for Even More Change? | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“What is it about change that people don’t understand?

Most people want change, but don’t want to change, or want to change other people. We will break this down so you can see where you stand and what you need to change in you or around you…  

Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





  1. What makes you desire change? It’s that you are tired or frustrated with your present situation.
  2. What makes people want to avoid change? It’s because it involves work on your part, and many people think, “I’m not so bad after all, look at all these other people.”
  3. Another reason is that they don’t see themselves as the source of who needs to change. These people want to be loved and cared for in a certain way, so what do they do? They manipulate others to change to meet their standards. For example, in a relationship, they pick someone who they see as having the potential to fulfill their desires of how they want to be loved, appreciated and cared for. Next, they try to change the other person to give them that. By the way, this person will always be chasing future happiness. People pick someone where they feel more capable than that person relative to how they want to experience love and appreciation. Then try to change them to those standards. This results in relationships where you do all the work for little or nothing in return.

You want to have mutual love and respect in the relationship, not mutual struggle.

You can rescue puppies and kittens because, as the relationship grows, you are rewarded with unconditional love and appreciation. You have achieved what you were looking for. You can’t rescue people, because unlike the animals you must be loved for who you are and not for what you can do for them – it’s conditional. People need to carry their own load and rescue themselves and be responsible for what they need to change about themselves.”


  • Most people who desire change don’t want to have to change.

  • They fail to realize that, you yourself, are the source of all change.
  • People stay in relationships for way too long trying to change the other person – this will never work.   

How It Works: We are living in a world of accelerated change and uncertainty. You will have no choice but to change with it. When you are connected to the source, your Spirit Guides, your higher-self, and your inner knowingness, this change will bring out the best in you. Resisting the change, by holding on to the past, will cause struggle and you will experience even more uncertainty in your life. The faster the world is changing, the more these choices will gain momentum. It’s already in motion. To simplify, it’s a choice between fear and love. If you are fighting how all these changes are affecting your life you are living in fear. If you are embracing the necessary changes you need to make you are living in truth and love and enjoying your life. ~ Linda Deir

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