What Is Money Karma? | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Karma of any kind is an interesting topic, especially when it comes to money.

There are two situations. Most think they do not have enough of it. While some people have so much of it that it becomes a problem.

How is it that a lot of money could be a problem? Just ask many of the lottery winners who several years later are broke and in worse financial condition than they were before they won it.

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Ask the people who got a windfall of money from an inheritance or from selling a business and put it all in investments that they didn’t understand or watch very closely. They went wrong when they blindly trusted someone else with what they spent their entire life amassing.

If a person doesn’t have what it takes to manage a lot of money when they come into it, it’s a recipe for disaster.

If a person turns their wealth over to someone else to manage, the greed factor is so high from both parties that it will never work out. How many famous stars have been swindled by their managers? How many people have lost their entire life savings to an investment advisor? What is the lesson here? It’s money karma at work. The lesson was to get a taste of it and then have it taken away. This returned you to the person you were before you had all the money. Which one do you like more?

Maybe that was one of your lessons in this lifetime?

To be satisfied with what you have, to be a nicer person who had enough, and not feeling overburdened with trying to protect it. Money karma exposes a person’s insecurities.

Most people are in the, “I don’t have enough” category. Their karmic lesson is to learn how they overextended themselves in this lifetime. Too much importance put on owning the American Dream, new cars, a vacation home, RV’s, kid’s college educations. Pretty soon the family is overextended in everything. Their credit cards are maxed out, their jobs aren’t what they used to be, and their investments were more like a gambling bet that went against them.

Why do people get themselves into these types of overextended situations? It’s because they have been programmed by society to do whatever it takes to “get ahead.” That’s what everyone else is doing, so the goal is to get ahead. Life becomes a series of comparisons; we have more cars than the neighbors. We take exciting vacations, and we feel sorry for those who don’t experience what we do. However, on the other hand, these same people are envious of others with unlimited amounts of money. Enough is never enough.

People chasing money haven’t yet become the person who can earn it or receive that type of life reward because they weren’t ready, willing, or able to do what it takes to achieve it.

Perhaps people who have a lot of money have it because they didn’t focus their energy on spending it. These people were busy contributing something valuable to the world to be that wealthy. They were of service to others and received the rewards that naturally come with it. When you ask most people what they are doing to be of service to others they tend to give you that puzzled expression and don’t understand what it is you are asking them or what they’re supposed to do.


  • Having a lot of money is a money karma test.
  • Having too little money is a money karma lesson.
  • The rewards you receive in life are directly proportional to how much you have contributed to the world, not how much money you have or not.

How It Works: Money karma is at an all-time high in societies around the world. Everyone, rich and poor, wants to improve the quality of their lives. The problem starts when greed takes over. Every business I have ever started went really well, in the beginning. It was after the businesses became a success and the stakes were high that the greed set in. My partners no longer wanted to work in the business, they wanted to cash out, take their share and leave. They had no vision. They were not in it for the right reason. I also learned that people are the same whether they have the money or not. Having money just amplifies their insecurities.  ~ Linda Deir

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