Chaos and Your Purpose Here | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see how the chaos is your wake-up call.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … with gratitude you will feel a new sense of meaning and your part in the chaos.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … use these chaotic times to make your difference in the world.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Chaos is now happening everywhere.

Chaos is wherever you look. It’s in the geopolitical arena around the world, it’s in your own country, your own state, your job, your family, and friends, and in the streets of your city. You see or read about the chaos going on everywhere now.

It’s many times manufactured or embellished to cause a reaction in you. These reactions can be fear, doubt, or thinking about how the chaos is causing challenges in your life forcing you to think about how you are going to react. While you may not want to face these challenges, you will be forced to face them. However, you do have to decide one way or another how you will react.

Is your reaction to resort to being afraid like what most people in the world are doing? Do you ignore the challenges, hoping they will go away or take care of themselves with somebody else’s input? Or, do you get mad and recklessly confront them? Challenges are put into your life to make you stronger, not weaker. They are a continuum from previous lifetimes that you are still perfecting.

Do you see yourself as a victim of the chaos, a victim of circumstances? Many people do and use this victimization to justify not doing anything to change themselves. This victim mentality is something that most people will never recover from. They revel in it in order to bring attention to their plight in life. These people can go through life without ever helping another person much less themselves. They missed the whole point of coming here.

The point right now is to appreciate what you have while fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime.

We can tell you that you must be grateful for what you do have and how your life is at any moment because the chaos and distractions will never stop. Without waking up each morning with gratitude – gratitude for being here, gratitude for getting another day in your life to better yourself and remake the world … you are missing your purpose here. It’s having gratitude that takes you out of the victim mentality. When you master gratitude, you will find you are one of the few who “gets it” in this life, while others become professional victims.

What’s happening and what’s coming – is coming for everybody.

Some will survive barely, and others will thrive. It all starts with a perspective about:

  • Why you are here?
  • How grateful you are?
  • How much do you give and stop worrying about what you get?

Being disconnected is what’s wrong with humanitybeing separate or compartmentalized into one group or another. Once you allow someone to label you, you have no hope of helping yourself or others. That’s because you are controlled by the group mind. You can only repeat the group’s goals and who, as a group, you are pitted against.

What would happen with wars if there were no geographic boundary lines around countries … an imaginary line you would cross and suddenly be in some other world? Everyone would be with everyone else. You could drive for thousands of miles and still be in a single place – no competition, no, “my country’s better than your country,” “no, my team is better than your team” … or demanding that “my religion is the only right one in the universe.” Once this “imaginary line” is dissolved it levels the playing field.


  • Don’t be a victim … realize that chaos is everywhere and doesn’t just single you out.
  • To stay on your path, you must remember that chaos is designed to create doubt and then fear, causing you to react, throwing you off course.
  • Do not buy into the chaos by letting it turn you into a victim.

HOW IT WORKS: It is interesting that it’s the baby-boomer generation who feels the strongest urge to be of “service to others.” Our parent’s generation or kids’ generation hasn’t felt this urge anywhere close to ours. Yet, all generations are feeling this serious disconnect and need the help of your guidance more than ever. The demand for reconnecting to a higher understanding and way of being is at an all-time high and the biggest population explosion is here to service this demand, the baby boomers. Do you see how the setup started so long ago? It’s our purpose.

These chaotic times that are now building will cause people to reach out for an even greater connection to what truth and love really are. This is where your connection to your Spirit Guides will make all the difference going forward. This is your time to make a difference in the world. What a great time to be alive! ~ Linda Deir




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