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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

What does it mean to be pushed to your limit?

People say this all the time, but do they really know what it means? Does it mean you hit a wall, something you can’t get over or past? Or does it mean that you are just out of options to continue going the same way? Are these limits self-imposed? Do you put limitations on what you can and cannot do? Why are limits even important?

Limitations define where you feel comfortable, that is until somebody pushes you past them making you feel uncomfortable.

Limits are really the plateaus you reach – to keep you on the path! The path is always in motion, so you must stay on your toes. Assuming all that, once you reach that plateau it does not mean you are finished … the path inspires you to set new limits. For example, a runner who is trying to break a world record may find that they can only reach a certain point, repeatedly, without going any faster or further. Then, one day when the environment is just right, and they are in the zone, they break through that limitation they may have had for years setting a new record.

Many times, limitations are only in the mind and not something physically holding you back. These limitations can be based on doubt or even fear. Fear that something bad will happen if you keep pushing yourself when it’s already hard.

Here’s how we see your life unfolding.

When you are pushed to your limit, reaching a limitation, that’s when you feel the most present in your existence. You feel alive but may also feel terrified. You will definitely feel the pressure of performing.

Like the runner, you will continue feeling good as long as you continue to expand your limits. You are not here to hold back on what you came here to accomplish. You expected yourself to accomplish it and then expand. We guide you, so you can accomplish what you intended in this lifetime. Together, we knew what you were capable of and planned the lessons and challenges that you would experience in your present lifetime. So, while you may feel pushed to your limit at times, consider how a change in your thinking can exceed any limit.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • How you see limitations is equal to how you will react to them.
  • Question if these limitations are real or just self-imposed imaginary blocks?
  • In this lifetime, you came here to not only reach your limitations but exceed them.

HOW IT WORKS: You came here to push your limits, so you can stay on the path. Learning happens when you push … or are pushed through your comfort zones. The path is the urge that drives you forward into the zone – where everything becomes effortless. There is no time and no limits. This is why you wouldn’t want to run away from your limits. With persistence, you will unwittingly discover your purpose

Just like the runner who could not mentally surpass the record until they entered the zone. That’s all it takes to overcome your own limits. It’s a connection to your higher power that makes the impossible … possible. It starts with taking the first step in moving that way. The rest takes care of itself provided you are paying attention and documenting your steps to be sure you remain on the path. To harness this, you must write down what resembles a limit. This is how you will see your present situation, how it’s all connected, and guiding you to your desired destination. That’s what will ensure that your journey here in this lifetime is worthwhile, rather than ending with a self-limiting conclusion. ~ Linda Deir




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