Why Are You Still Here?

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … to live up to your purpose in being here you must be who you are without hesitation.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … when you realize why you are still here and live that out, the entire universe will recognize you when you do!
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … where do you long to go and what do you have a desire to express? Wait no longer to pour your energy into that because that’s the only reason you are still here.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






Who are you, and why are you still here?

These are questions everybody wants answers to. People spend their lives asking themselves, “who am I and why am I here?” You forgot the obvious answer to these two questions when you came down with amnesia, the consequence (rules) of coming here.

We know who you are, and since you are still here, then you haven’t accomplished or finished what you came here to do … yet.

We can help you get on track by telling you the basics of why everyone comes here. It is to experience love, both giving and receiving. That’s an earth-based experience of why you are here – to experience love in all ways. You brought the love with you.

Love raises the consciousness for those who are ready.

What you do over and above that is up to you. There are many ways you can give others joy and love in this life. You can do it by contributing in a great way to benefit all mankind.

Here’s an example; if you were a phenomenal artist, one whose paintings hung in all the important museums or private collections around the world – you have given the world a great gift of love

It took love to paint them and the love you felt in return would be in the form of peoples’ love and appreciation for your work, for expressing your gift from the depth of who you are. This is the greatest gift you can give anyone – sharing your authentic self.

When you put your energy into expressing the gifts and talents you brought with you into this lifetime, taking a job just to pay your bills has no appeal. Should you have financial success from sharing your loving passion with the world, this would give you a cushion so you wouldn’t have to worry about money and could continue to fulfill your purpose for being here. This puts money into perspective.

This works for all types of artists; writers, musicians, actors, anyone who develops and leaves a legacy for the world to enjoy. The person who does this, who contributes in a passionate and powerful way while they are here may not ever make a lot of money at it. Maybe they received fame for their work, or maybe they did it all anonymously. They gave love to the world without ever expecting anything in return. 

You might ask, “how is this fair?” 

The artist painted pictures that made them millions, while an inventor or doctor helped people around the world they never met and never gained recognition. It’s not that he or she didn’t experience love in return. Everybody who was touched by their product or genius sent out a loving response into the universe which found its way to the originator of the gift given to the world. What is more important, you might ask, is it gaining riches, becoming famous, or even being well-liked?

It’s up to each person to experience as much love as they can in the different ways that it can be expressed that make your life happier here on earth. With that said, since you can do it, even anonymously, why aren’t you giving these acts of love and compassion to everyone you meet? If you only touch one person in a way that changes their life, was this who you are and why you came here?


  • Everyone has the capacity to contribute to the world but not all do it.
  • However, if a person lovingly shares their gifts and talents with the world their contribution will have a ripple effect that’s far-reaching out into the universe.
  • If you can find yourself in the place of clarity, understanding who you are and what you can do for others, then you sent out enough love and will receive as much and more in return. 

HOW IT WORKS: When you have an urge to do something or understand something, it’s showing you what you came here to do. Write it down. It’s letting you know why you are here. The reward for acting on it is getting to experience what it’s like to follow that blissful urge, as it moves you along. It’s while on this blissful journey that you discover who you are. “Who you are” shows up as a by-product of acting on that urge, free of any expectation for any particular outcome. This all started with that urge deep inside of you. This urge is your soul’s calling moving you through it. It’s your soul who remembers what you forgot when you came here. It knows why you came here, and its intention is to see that you achieve that. Your Guides are aligned with your soul’s urge guiding you to your purpose and why you are here.~ Linda Deir