Escaping a Frantic Life
  • The takeaway from this episode is … living a frantic life is the treadmill you must get off of.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … your lifestyle is changing radically, so save your energy for that.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … be clear and steady … stay on the path.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Why are people living frantic lives?

There are many reasons. It’s mostly caused by being disconnected from their guidance and their true self. Desiring to escape a frantic life is guidance pointing you in a new direction but you must move that way.

There are physical reasons why people are frantic, they could be sick, in pain, depressed or anxious, or feeling the effects of long-term illnesses or accidents. This causes their attention to be scattered as they focus on the pain and discomfort.

People are also frantic emotionally.

They are in fear, in denial, and in a state of worry. Worrying if they are possibly running out of time. People are easily distracted by everything in the media. They would like to hear their guidance and listen to their intuition, but their intuition is overpowered by everything that is loud and shouting at them. The media delivers news stories in a way that is over-blown and significantly more embellished than it needs to be.

People are also living in a polarized world; everything you hear in the news is designed to polarize people into opposite groups. The red party is against the blue party, the green people are against the orange people, the vegans are against the carnivores, the masses are easily separated and segregated into groups who are against the other groups, any religion is against other religions.

This just adds to the franticness of the world situation.

Also, this polarization breeds anger among people. The political parties and polarized groups use anger for their own personal ends instead of listening to their guidance and grasp the fact that we are all one.

A politician can focus on peoples’ anger to get elected. Once the anger is in motion it’s hard to stop it.

These emotions become part of the fears going on in the world and lead to a feeling that things are moving too fast. People do not have enough time to think things over and quietly meditate on the answers they received before they take action.

With social media it’s easy to be rude, angry, and harsh toward others you don’t even know or will ever meet. People become close-minded rather than open-minded and tolerant of others, or respectful of their opinions even if they do not agree.

We come from love and truth. When you take time to listen to us in your dreams and through the intuition that you receive throughout the day you can overcome the franticness over the day-after-day routine. It’s no wonder that people feel so separate. it’s all because they won’t slow down to hear the truth – an unbiased truth from the source.


  • People are in such a hurry and so frantic in their lives that they shut out everyone else.
  • Anger is used to polarize people and groups.
  • Social media makes it easy to feel frantic and harsh toward others.

HOW IT WORKS: A frantic life is easily resolved with the help of your Spirit Guides. However, to achieve this you must be totally open and willing to take action on the guidance the moment it comes through. It won’t be what you thought it was, so get yourself braced for new and unexpected directions. Your frantic life has caused you to lose perspective. It will be your ego that will feel the blow and who will attempt to fight back. The ego will be hard to convince. To counteract that, write down the guidance you are receiving. This is what you will need to do to combat that stubborn and insecure ego so you, the real you, can begin to emerge. ~ Linda Deir