The Spirit Guides and I will talk about who your first friends were … us. You brought us, your old friends with you from your before life. You came into this world with these unconditional friends. They have always been with you, guiding you. You have never been alone.

Before reasoning dominated your thoughts you relied on your knowing. Knowing relies solely on what you feel the instant you feel it. As a small child you don’t question this knowing, so doubt never has an opportunity to interfere. Hands down, this had to be the best time of your life, but it doesn’t last long. That’s because the people who got here before you thought they knew better than you, interrupting who you were and knew best. After all, in their minds, you were just a kid and didn’t know anything, at least that’s the common myth …

You didn’t think about who these friends were, your Spirit Guides and Angels, only that they were always there when you reached out to them.

They helped you understand and experience new things. It was a natural feeling to be with them. There was no separation between you and them. You never felt alone. It was peaceful and easy to learn the way you did because they didn’t teach you anything, they just triggered you with events that ignited your passions and set you on your journey of self-realization. They were always there to help you understand when you had questions. It was a natural response to ask “these friends” first. The answers came as fast as your curiosity and wonder created the question, making it feel like both the question and answer happen at the same time.

These friends came to you so naturally that you never questioned their validity. You weren’t hiding these friends from anyone, but you weren’t talking about them to anyone either. You weren’t concerned with anyone else’s opinion or judgment of you or them. This is why you were able to easily connect with them anytime you wanted. They were not separate from you because you knew them, remembered them, and were one with them. You knew you were not alone. This was as natural as it gets because it was pure truth – truth and love. It’s what it was like before you got here. This was all possible before you completely acclimated to this world.

This was the time in your life that you effortlessly lived in two worlds, this one and the one you came from.

Everything was new, except the ongoing support of your old friends, those who came along to guide you throughout this lifetime, your Spirit Guides and Angels. You knew you mattered and were important. You were not afraid of anything as you learned and played in their presence. There was nothing you couldn’t do. You experimented with everything. You liked who you were. So far this was a smooth transition from the spirit world into this world – you were effortlessly living in 2 worlds, simultaneously.

You did all of this unconsciously. Although all of this came naturally to you, it was lucid and intangible. At this young age, you didn’t complicate it with any reasoning. You couldn’t, even if you tried. From the age you are now you can see that it would have taken a pretty insightful adult to recall these early beginnings in their own life to connect with this dual reality you were experiencing so naturally – back then.

Going back to the beginning will require that you release the rigid reasoning you have developed as an adult. Remembering these early days and your solid connection to those who agreed to accompany you throughout this lifetime, your Spirit Guides and Angels, is what you need to revisit to rekindle these vital relationships and friendships. Doing this review is how you will be able to see the whole picture – where you came from and why you are here. Once you make this connection you can finally get around to living your life on purpose.

So, these friends who came with you on that very first day are more important than you ever imagined. With their help, you can accomplish everything you intended before you came here – the reason you came here. ~Linda Deir

My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir