Who Do You Think You Are?!

“Who do you think you are – can be a statement or question.”

This is a question many people have asked others but rarely ask themselves.

When you first came into this life you knew exactly who you were – you were a pure and powerful energy source that felt you could do anything upon arriving here. This feeling lasted until people started telling you who you were allowed to be.

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Why is it that you can be led to what you are being guided toward but cannot see it?

Who you were allowed to be and who you were expected to be was very different from who you were when you first arrived. People told you what to do and what not to do, what to think of as truth and what not to think. Throughout your childhood, this programming created the person you became. By the time you finished school and entered society as a young adult, who you were was just about like everyone else, since they received the same programming.

Now, in your mid to late life, have you gotten around to asking yourself who you have become? To get a baseline on who that is, we want you to complete this sentence – I am a person who _____________________________________________________ (fill in the blank). Complete the sentence as many times as you must to see the full picture.

Here are some common examples you see all the time; I am a person who is intolerant of others, I am a self-serving person with my thinking, deeds, and money, I am a person who has never reached the potential I brought with me when I first came here. Once you feel the disappointment of finally realizing the kind of person you have become, it’s as if you have been driving down a long road only to realize it’s a dead end and there’s nowhere else to go. You were given many signs along the way but weren’t paying attention.

This examination of yourself needs to be painfully truthful. You will find it in your dark place.

~ Linda Deir

How do you get back to who you were when you first got here? You start by identifying behaviors that are driven by fear and judgment. You start by addressing those fears and biased belief systems, one-by-one.

Compare where you are now to who you were when you first got here and work on making the distinction between the two as they become smaller, little by little. It won’t be easy to jump from where you are now back to where you started. You must backtrack through your life as you examine what happened along each leg of the journey.

You must remember how to arrive at your desired destination using only your own resources.

Most people can’t even see where they’re going or find out how to get there even when they have a map. It’s a hands-on affair when you are unraveling your life to get back to who you originally were. You can work on it now, pivot, and make the needed course correction for the rest of your life or remain lost only to come back and do this all over again.


  • Who you really are is very different from who others think you are.
  • Are you programmed to be a loner without much social contact and who continues to distrust others and feel alone?
  • Perform the, “I am the person who _____________________________ (fill in the blank)” in order to assess where you are now.

HOW IT WORKS: When you know who you are many people will react with jealousy. They will confront you by saying, “Who do you think you are!” They will perceive you as conceited and challenge your independent nature. They will be offended and maybe even threatened by your originality. When you know who you are you are not concerned by all this retaliation because you are immersed in what inspires you. It’s like you are living in two worlds and that would be the correct assessment. You are learning at a higher level with no time to involve yourself with trying to make people like you. You like you. You receive the answers to your questions as soon as you think them. This is what it is like when you know who you are, you are connected. ~ Linda Deir

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