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“The purpose of journaling (journal writing) is to document your journey, so you realize who you are and why you came here.

This system will enable you to see where you got knocked off your path, long ago,  so you can course-correct and re-connect. 

While people go to great lengths to document their vacations or world travels, they avoid documenting the most important journey, their own lives. They allow life to run them around without knowing where they’re going and where they came from. 

When you remain conscious by documenting your journey you will have what you need to carry out your purpose. 

Once you decide to start journaling you must go back to where it all began – when you were born. You, as a new person, came into this world knowing you could do anything and this life could take you anywhere. But along the way, you forgot your map, your guidebook to get to where it was that you intended to go.

The first thing you missed was failing to document your journey and feelings, along the way, so you could realize your part in it. That’s where your purpose resides. It contains the gifts and talents you brought with you into this world. Using this system, you will always have a reliable map on your journey forward.

When you were young you may have kept a diary with all your secret thoughts and feelings locked deep inside. When writing your life’s journey you will no longer be able to keep it locked up inside … that’s what’s been hurting you.

You have to bring those memories out of the ethers. It starts by writing them down and studying them so you know where you started, where you are now, and what you must do to reach your intended destination.

You wouldn’t ever go driving on a long journey without a map or a GPS system. Why do you think you can reach your life’s destinations without a roadmap … your “guided journal writing system?”

Look at the people you know who may have had good intentions, following the standards everyone else followed. They got a good education, a good job, a good relationship, and have the ideal family but they are not happy. Somewhere along their path, they got distracted by things that lacked truth and meaning for them. Their lives became a series of repetitive actions that merely got them to the next day. After doing this for decades they lost track of who they were when they first came into this world. They longed for the life they could have had, the life they intended to have but forget.

It’s still not too late to go back to the beginning and rediscover the gifts and talents you came in with and see where you got off your path, where you missed the signposts of guidance along the way.

By going back and putting your life under a microscope you will be able to not only understand your life up to this point but know how to listen for guidance. In four steps you will learn to;

  1. Write down the guidance you received.
  2. How it felt.
  3. What you realized.
  4. The action you took.


  • What is it in your life that you are disappointed with? Identify the things that bother you. Look back to see how these things pushed you off your path and prevented you from living the life you intended. Write that in your journal. 
  • Make a commitment to journal all of the messages and guidance you receive. Do this for 15-minutes a day. In just one month, upon review, you will see how everything is connected. You will see the guidance.
  • Achieving superior clarity, you will now be committed to documenting your journey.   

How It Works: Consider your journal writing to be the building blocks upon which your life starts to make sense … really make sense. This will become your point of contact with your Spirit Guides and Angels. I can tell you from doing this myself, from childhood, that in the beginning, it may feel like you are doing something covert. The reason I felt that way is that if anyone knew what I was writing they would have created a problem for me. It’s not that I was writing anything mean or judgmental, just writing about what I observed, learned, and understood. I was writing about what was truly happening, writing it like I was talking to a best friend, someone I could totally trust – trust with my open heart … my Guides.

That’s how I was able to see so clearly, see what my Spirit Guides saw, the truth. The truth shouldn’t be so damning, but many people see it as a threat and that’s where the problems start. So as you start your journal writing journey just keep it to yourself. You are on a journey back to your real self, the one who retreated. Don’t risk finding yourself – at the demise of having shared it with the wrong person. This is a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Be grateful for what you get to experience and stay focused. ~ Linda Deir

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