People are Feared into Believing what they are Told | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“This can only happen when you don’t take the initiative to do your own research. 

When did people start to blindly believe everything they heard? A famous business technology company, IBM, built their business around the slogan, “THINK.” To think for yourself, to think differently, to have your own thoughts. IBM built its brand on this concept to distinctly set themselves apart from their competitors. So, why don’t people do that for themselves?

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When you think for yourself it forces you to do your own research and think outside the mainstream media.

What seems to be so painful about doing your own research, looking for proof about what you are being told as accurate or not? If everything you hear or read is someone else’s agenda, then you should be examining what was said, why it was said, and who benefits from it … most likely it wasn’t you.

So, what happens when you start investigating? Think of yourself as an investigative reporter whose job it is to expose the truth. Once you start looking under the hood, so to speak, you begin to see what they didn’t tell you, what they did not want you to know. What is it they’re hiding? What is it they are planning? How will that affect you?

When you start doing your own research be prepared to be labeled a conspiracy theorist by those who accept everything they hear as gospel.

This is blind faith, which leads to automatic compliance and is very dangerous. It’s dangerous because it’s delved out in small increments. People hear something that sounds like a mandate by those of authority, so they comply through intimidation. This happens by assuming they have superior knowledge. They have all these degrees and look the part, so how is it that they would ever deliberately lie and deceive you?

Well, even if you don’t do your own research many others will do it for you. Now, all you must do is start looking for alternatives to what’s been said. You will find that much of what you were told was driven by an agenda, an agenda of control and manipulation. They realized they couldn’t do this all at once because it would be so difficult to fathom that you would totally reject it. That’s why it’s fed to you incrementally over time in small bite-sized portions. It’s like trying to eat an entire meal in one bite versus eating smaller bite-size portions that you can digest little by little.

Once you discover through your own research or researching what others claim to be the truth, that you are possibly being lied to for some surreptitious agenda, now who do you believe? Do you automatically disregard what they’re saying as conjecture, or conspiracy theories, or labeling you a fear monger – all titles from those who wish to control you by convincing you to throw out anything that contradicts them. Rarely do they say the information the person found out is wrong, rather, they immediately attack the person, bypassing the information. This is a tactic of misdirection in order to get you to agree even further with what they originally said and want you to believe.

So, how do you begin to put this type of media evaluation into play in your daily life? You go back to that famous slogan, “THINK.” Now, in 2020, in addition to thinking for yourself, you must assume that everyone is lying for their own benefit.


  • When exactly did you start believing everything you heard on the TV or the news?
  • What makes everyone who hears what was said on the news, come together to defend it?
  • If you repeat something enough times even if it’s a lie people tend to believe it.

HOW IT WORKS: You are living in times when you cannot afford to take anything you hear or read, based on its face value. You must always do your own research, or research what someone else said in order to get to the truth. Once you do this, let it sit before you act on it. This will give you the added input you need from your guidance to gain a clear perspective before you decide what the truth is. This is an unbeatable combination. ~ Linda Deir

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