Intuition is Natural, not Supernatural
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … you will stop making a big deal out of having intuition and start tuning into it.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will have access to superior knowledge just when you need it.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … document your intuition every time it comes through to get your intuitive muscles back in shape.


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We have said before that intuition is something everybody has but hardly anyone uses it to its full potential.

Intuition is the 6th sense that everyone has but few acknowledge it. Applying your intuition is decision-making without reasoning, the opposite of logical justification. You were born with this ability to know what to do and when to do it, which is why intuition is natural and not supernatural.

Intuition has a female side and a male side. The female side calls it “intuition,” while the male side calls it a “hunch” or “a gut feeling.”

Intuition works best when you are relaxed, this is when you are the most receptive, hence intuitive. It comes in several ways; visually, verbally, through physical occurrences and events, but mostly “it just pops into your head.” To fully benefit from these intuitive signals, you must act on them while they’re still valid. If you waste time questioning what your intuition told you, it’s already dissipating. Intuition has a shelf life.

These intuitive signals come to you just when you need them most, even if you don’t realize it at the moment they arise. We said you must be relaxed and receptive to receive these time-sensitive messages. Therefore, many times intuitive signals come when you are doing mindless things like taking a shower, sweeping the floors, washing your hands, driving your car, and in your dreams. These are times when your subconscious mind takes over so the “inner voice” can reach you. These intuitive messages come through feelings, or an unexpected physical response to a particular situation. Like when you blurt something out that catches you by surprise.

This is evidence that intuitive messages come “through you” and not “from you.”

What is important to understand about intuition is that everyone has it. It’s like a muscle that everyone has, but few exercise it causing it to atrophy. If everyone went to the gym and lifted weights, everyone would have strong arms. If everyone practiced listening to the intuitive messages they receive daily, everyone would master their intuition. This is how journaling the intuitive messages that you are always receiving will be critical to the development of your intuition.

Stress gets in the way of your ability to receive intuition. If you cannot relax you will block the reception. It’s like a radio receiver without an antenna. All you get is static.

Is Intuition always right? …

It is not necessarily right or wrong, it just is. It has to be acted upon while it’s valid in order to see the best outcome before you start to judge it. This may be the hardest thing for you to do when you doubt your intuitive messages along with yourself. If you receive an intuitive message that you should slow down at the next cross street and you get there and see someone run a stop sign, then it was right. If you drive through the cross street and nothing happens, it had a broader message telling you to “slow down” preventing something else from happening that you cannot yet see. In other words, intuition may not always produce immediate or obvious results like you may be expecting. Additionally, if you are skeptical about the validity of your intuition you could argue with it preventing it from ever working in your life.


  • The more intuitive you are, the more self-confidence you will have. However, you can be self-confident, to a certain degree, without ever listening to intuitive messages. The test will come when something happens that’s unforeseen and out of your control – that’s when intuition is all you have.
  • Notice, when you speak to an intuitive person, you feel a degree of trust in that person and respect what they say. Many times, you feel like they can see right through you. It’s not something to be afraid of, but something you can learn from.
  • As life gets more uncertain, look inside yourself for answers. Intuition comes from this “conversation with yourself.” This is when we can engage and help you. It’s our job. 

HOW IT WORKS: Throughout history, intuition was recognized as a gift or talent that important or spiritual people had. A Military General was said to have an uncanny intuition about battle strategy, or a Holy Man was held in high esteem because he seemed to intuit things with ease. These people had developed their intuition to a point where doubt no longer interfered. In fact, it was so natural for them they hardly even thought about it. Their ability to receive intuitive messages and put them to use was just part of who they were, their personal mastery. ~ Linda Deir