Emotions, Like the Volcano, are Ready to Erupt
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … you can’t fix the emotional tension in the world, only set an example by fixing yourself.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … once you begin to heal yourself, like a ripple over the water, others will see hope and follow suit.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to identify where you need healing, write in your journal for 15 minutes daily.


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Emotions are at an all-time high and getting higher.

The large volcanic eruptions in Hawaii are symbolic of the eruption of suppressed negative emotions in humanity. These are the negative emotions simmering just under the surface of each person’s life ready to explode.

These emotional “hurts” need to be addressed before they erupt.

You must identify them, face them, and make the necessary changes in your life to avoid a catastrophic occurrence. These stuck emotions are the root cause of all the negativity in your life. Like the volcanoes, for decades they have been simmering under the surface of everything you do and think. You can’t wait for them to erupt and then try to run away. It’s the lava that’s building up slowly, creeping up on you that you can’t escape from.

Earthquakes proceed volcanoes. Symbolically, this is a warning sign to all of humanity to make the course corrections now.

You must go back in time and bring these emotional hurts to the surface to acknowledge them, study them, and heal them once and for all. Once you start this journey you will discover that you have been told the wrong things. There are these personal emotional hurts that are on the surface and currently affecting your life. There are so many things reaching their boiling point coming up to the surface that everyone sees it now.

One example is the economy.

The truth about the economy has been artificially pushed down and kept out of the sight of the common person. Those who control it are afraid of the panic it would cause if everyone knew how fragile the economy is around the world. To add to all this pressure, people put their life savings into so-called, safe high yield, high-risk investments that are at their tipping points. This one thing could wipe out all the investors who were relying on those investments for their retirement. If people continue to ignore the problem by focusing on just themselves then the stress will continue to build under the surface until it explodes. Who can escape that? … no one

Another thing bubbling up close to the surface is world tensions.
Everywhere you look you see countries at each other’s throats, people within those countries at each other’s throats. Everything has been designed to separate people, and groups of people, and countries for so long it has also reached a tipping point. Something or someone must take the lead in order to avoid a worldwide conflict, as the economic stress will almost be enough to cripple the world.
CALL TO ACTION: HOW IT WORKS: Paradise is erupting. That’s the symbolic message from the Hawaiian Kilauea Volcano. The toxic gasses and volcanic ash released from this volcano have been increasing each month since the beginning of 2008. Now, this volcano is erupting causing the air quality to be worse than ever, symbolic of cutting off your ability to breathe in life. What’s also interesting is 2008 was the last economic crash, which was suppressed with bailouts pushing the problem down. Nothing was resolved, only postponed, allowing it to multiply into a bigger problem. That would explain the recent eruptions of this volcano causing disruptions. This is just another sign to humanity to pay attention, so we won’t need to pay the ultimate price.
To summarize, pay special attention to these symbolic signs as they relate to your own life and lifestyle choices. This inner tension that you feel is real. The sooner you release your attachment to the negative emotions that keep you bound to the negative interpretations and choices, the quicker you will be allowed to enter the 4th density reality.  ~ Linda Deir