How to Detect the Lies in Your Life | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“You live in a world of lies and deceit.

You expect that someone you love, or respect would always tell you the truth. You are hurt when you discover they lied to you. So, if people that you love and respect will even lie to you how do you learn to detect lies from the truth when your heart is on the line?

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People may assume that you only hear the truth through your ears.

Everything like the news comes in through your sense of hearing, matched to visuals that reinforce what you heard. Try this – turn the picture off when listening to the news and see how different it is to detect the truth from the lies and everything in between.

When you hear the truth you will feel love, this is the key.

You hear the truth, but do you feel the truth in your heart? You see the truth with your eyes. For example, someone in authority on the news talking about a topic, gets to a point they’re trying to make, one they want you to believe is the truth, yet when they say it they are shaking their head “no.” This is an anomaly you see all the time in regular conversations, casual encounters, and even on the news.

Look for the truth in body language.

You can’t be telling the truth and shake your head “no” at the same time. So, one of the major lie detectors is to watch body language while someone is speaking. 

Close your eyes and listen with your heart.

How does what they said, make you feel? Do you feel they are telling you the truth? Or, are they telling half-truths? Or, are they outright lying while smiling too much?

Too much smiling is not natural. When people are afraid, they smile a lot. So, there are all types of tests to ferret out the truth. You don’t have to automatically think that everything you hear is the truth. Most of it is thinly veiled with misdirection or false information.

Soon you will get so good at detecting the liars that you will smile at how quickly you can uncover someone lying right to your face. You will also wonder how people did this for so long and got away with it.”


  • When you hear something and it makes you feel uncomfortable or you imagine how it may not be true, you are correct, it’s not true.
  • When you hear something, and you don’t feel the love in the message – it’s a lie.
  • When you see the opposite behavior of what should match what the person is saying they are not speaking the truth.

HOW IT WORKS: Are you just hearing what you want to believe? Being present exposes the truth or non-truth in everything and everyone. The present moment is a place of clarity even when it exposes a lie that breaks your heart. In other words, you may not always like the truth when you hear it or see it. This is especially true when you have been lying to yourself. A lot of truth is coming to light right now. Some of it is hard to accept but the truth is the truth which can be disappointing when you face it and see it for what it is. It’s important to write down what the truth is in your journal so you can accelerate the process of knowing the difference between the truth and a lie, and even catch a lie when it’s a little of both. ~ Linda Deir

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