Breaking Up with the Old You
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see why it’s time to break up with the old you.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will feel a lightness as you ease into the new you – the real you.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it …  write this experience down as it will be your guiding light when you need it most.


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The Old You is unconscious.

Activating the real you will happen by being authentic. Being authentic begins by trusting what your heart is telling you, then acting on it. This is the conscious you – the real you who first came here, who believes in you. This is not a new you, it’s the real you that you will remember as your old unconscious releases its grip on you.

The old you is a creation of what you were taught to believe and forced to accept starting from childhood.

How do you break up with the old you when it conflicts with your present life? How do you break up with the old you when you aren’t sure who the real you is? Breakups are never easy. Here’s how relationship breakups mirror the relationship you are having with yourself …

  • The Old You … One person in the relationship doesn’t want it to end. However, maybe your spouse or partner already has a replacement for you that you didn’t even know about. Once that sinks in, you realize that it’s not only over, but you don’t have a replacement for them. This kind of breakup can get messy because it lacks trust and acceptance of letting go.
  • The Real You … People just admit they have outgrown each other and want to go their separate ways. These people want permission to continue their lives and to eventually share their life with someone else. This breakup is transparent, honest, and respectful of each other.

You must start by looking at the relationship you have with yourself.

How do you break up with the old you? Do you even like the old you? Have you been thinking about how miserable you are, hanging out with the old you? Some people get so depressed with their relationship with themselves they just give up. Many do not see a way out of the bad relationship they have with themselves. They don’t even know who the “Real You” is within themselves. They don’t remember meeting that person.

You all came into this life as your real self, the Real You.

The real you, the original you, are flawless, loving, and all-powerful. This person can do anything they decide to do. What happened to this person along the way was that other people started telling you who you were allowed to be, who you could love, what you could do and not do, what you must learn, and what you must think and believe. Once you learned these things you were pressured to become what people expected of you. Your experiences only reinforced the beliefs you were taught. All these beliefs were nothing but a series of experiences you were allowed to have when growing up that followed you into adulthood and into every relationship you’ve ever had, including yourself.

We could tell you that it is easy to break up with the old you, but also see that this is very hard for most of you to grasp.

All that’s required to break up with the old you, are having new experiences. Then, look at those experiences and determine how they made you feel? This is not a new you, it’s the real you that you will remember as the old unconscious you agree to relinquish its domination over you. As you accumulate more and more experiences you will find that your beliefs and belief systems will change. This is the personality of the ”Real You” returning. You begin to remember what the real you felt like and acted like and what you had in mind for your life.

So, it’s as simple as that … have new experiences and make new decisions from them. That’s the change that will bring back the original you, the one whose life you came here to live.


  • Nobody likes a messy “unconscious” breakup, so let the real you help you through these changes.

  • Why is it so hard to accept when something is over and it’s time to go in a new direction? The answer is fear. The real you doesn’t feel fear, it feels the excitement. Choose to experience the excitement.

  • If you remain in a bad relationship, especially with yourself, you will lead a life of regret. Release the weight of the old you and the new you will go right into action.

HOW IT WORKS: The old you is a product of programming, you felt it when it was happening. You reacted by being rebellious, humiliated, angry, or fearful. Being the real you, as sporadic as that was, was under constant pressure by everyone in this world. They were so convinced that they were right that they never got to know the real you. They were terrified that if you didn’t fall into suit with the status quo that you would lead a life of non-acceptance and dissatisfaction. They were living fear-based lives. The “Real You” has no concept of that, which is why it retreated when all this began. It’s time to heal the damage so the real you can return, and you can live the life you intended before you got here. ~ Linda Deir