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Linda Deir talks about What It Means to be GuidedI’m Linda Deir, at Oak Creek Canyon in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. I’m the author of GUIDED – Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches.

In this episode, I will talk about what happens when you know that you are actually living a guided life. The first thing you will notice is the struggle stops.

Everyone is guided, not just once in a while, but all the time. Where do you think all those great ideas come from? The ego would like you to think that it comes from you. Being guided is not something you have to learn, it’s what you need to remember.

When you acknowledge that you are being guided, your life becomes easier. This is a life that includes having some room in it, not one that’s maxed out, and all used up and spent. You learn to listen and spend some time alone so you’re available to receive the guidance that’s always being sent to you – with the extra room you’ve made in your life. That’s when you begin to feel and hear their messages. It’s that gentle knowing.

However, if your life becomes difficult, that’s your Spirit Guides nudging you to pivot, make a course correction. Think of this as a stop sign. If you are motivated by fear then you are not listening to your Spirit Guides. You are focused on the noise, those who are shouting at you because they have an agenda – and are attempting to get you to do something to benefit them. Your Spirit Guides have no agenda – they will never shout at you, that’s how you know it’s them!

The benefit in listening to your Spirit Guides in the world today is that your Spirit Guides are the only ones that you can confide in about absolutely anything, who will never judge you, tell you the truth, and safeguard your confidence.

They don’t care what you have or have not done in this lifetime. Their job is to provide guidance to you whenever you ask for it or are open to it.

When you include your Spirit Guides in your life it becomes more fun and interesting. It’s a path that requires some alone time and quiet space. That may be the most challenging part for some people because of family and other commitments. Shifting priorities around to make room in your life for this new addition will become imperative.

This is the best time to start building a relationship with your Spirit Guides and here are two reasons why; you will stop second-guessing yourself, and the unnecessary struggle will end. Your Spirit Guides are always right with you, ready to help you create a better life than you could have done on your own. You just need to learn to quiet your life down some so you can begin to detect their guidance.

As I mentioned before, your Spirit Guides are always sending you signs and signals. They send you obstacles when you need to get back on course and provide smooth sailing when you are on the right track. Your Spirit Guides are always guiding you even though you may not realize it.

You already have a relationship with your Spirit Guides even if you don’t acknowledge them.

You call it your intuition, good timing, luck, gut feelings, or you say things like; I knew that, or find yourself at the right place at the right time. Or say; it came to you in a dream. Every one of these occurrences is how your Spirit Guides communicate to you. It comes directly from them. They send it through you, to you.

So why does a person who’s already doing well need to build a relationship with their Spirit Guides? It’s because these people think that they are the entire reason for their success. They are unaware that they have actually been following their guidance all along which leads them to their success. They call it their intuition and take personal credit for all of it.

Here’s the test. What will these people do when their success takes a turn? Will they listen to the warning signs before everything turns against them, and they become a causality of this change in their “supposed luck?” If they get the warning signs will they trust them enough to know when or how to act on them? This can only come from an ongoing relationship with your Spirit Guides, as they guide you with perfect timing.

Real success involves much more than landing into a bed of roses. Many people can do that once, but real success is repeating it over and over again through all kinds of adversity and lessons along the way. This is where having a relationship with your Spirit Guides will make you shine. ~ Linda Deir

What does “living a guided life” mean to you? Share your experiences in the comment area below.

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