The Goal is to Perfect the Soul

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … your life experiences are powered by the soul’s need to perfect itself.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … the sooner you align with your soul, the sooner your life will begin to make sense.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … write down the quirks that show up in your life. Examine them later because it’s those quirks that will let you see your soul’s intention.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






Everybody in the game of life gets a hand dealt them. Nobody gets more cards than anyone else, but some do get better ones.

You chose to come into this life. You came in because it was a challenge. In any type of challenge, some people always have an advantage. If everything were equal, there would be no challenge; everybody would be successful at everything they attempted.

Life is a challenge, it’s not supposed to be fair, but people cannot accept this. Why don’t they get the “breaks” that others get? They went to the same schools, got the same education, studied just as hard, got a job in the same industry, and work the same number of hours. However, twenty years later, they are still stuck in the finance department while their college roommate is the President of the company.

Feeling sorry for themselves, people seek out others just like them to tell their stories too. Stories about the “bad cards” life dealt them and how unfair their lack of success is. It is this lack of success that keeps the group bonded together.

What is wrong is how success is defined and who determines what the definition of success is.

First, you have to accept that life is not supposed to be fair. It never was and never will be. Once you can accept this, you can then allow yourself to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Now, you won’t have to feel sorry for anyone else either. This will eliminate the “bad cards” group therapy sessions.

Next, you must believe that success is not what you have achieved, it’s who you have become as a result of those successes. Success is not your money or your job, car, house, or your status. In the end, if you can’t take it with you, how can these things be called success? At best, they were only temporary pleasures that distracted you from your life.

Define success in your life.

Who and what you are is unique to you. It is not the things you get, but the things that you give away that determine a successful life. And, you will find that you had these things all along – love, compassion, generosity, kindness, understanding, sharing your knowledge, and service to others. These all determine a successful life.

You give away what you need to see in the world and what you receive in return. These are the things you do take with you. Once you no longer feel you must apologize for yourself or explain yourself to others, you will find that you are much happier with yourself. That’s when you will stop directing energy toward chasing something that is really worthless.

The goal is to perfect the Soul. You may not always be happy or successful as you perfect your soul.

In fact, you may experience much stress, pain, or illness; great challenges that challenge you to your core. These were the lessons you needed to experience in order to perfect your soul. Somebody you see who has a lot of material wealth, they are perfecting their soul also. They needed to get a taste of that type of abundance to position themselves for future lives where their situation may be very different.

Perfecting the Soul is experienced from a combination of an abundance of wealth until you experience not having it.

You are, during your journey to perfect the Soul, seeking a counterpoint of balance and clarity. Those on earth who have mastered perfection of the soul are those who always consider themselves to be wealthy and happy because of who they are. Not that this happiness they experience was the goal. It’s the soul’s urge that drives them to complete and perfect who they are and what role they play in the universe to achieve that, not about getting something from a single life experience, but about becoming more because of that life, so you can live the life your soul intended to experience.


  • The Success of the soul is not the accumulation of stuff. It’s giving while releasing you from all the stress of chasing stuff.
  • People are losing much of the stuff in their lives they attributed to success. Their jobs, homes, and cars are disappearing from their lives. Once all this is gone, all that will be left is what is truly worth having.
  • Recognize that only you define success in your life. By accepting that life was never meant to be fair, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and others, so you can live the life your soul intended to experience.

HOW IT WORKS: By releasing yourself from the illusions of what people think success is, you reach the core or essence of what all people possess. All the things at the core of the soul don’t cost anything, are unlimited, and can be given away freely. This type of philanthropy brings riches back to you that you could never buy with any amount of wealth. This is the mission of the soul to perfect itself this time around. ~ Linda Deir  





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