Upgrade Your Life, Walk With Us | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Do you believe in a higher intelligence, spirit guides, and angels who communicate with humanity? We help you upgrade your life when you walk with us. 

This is how you will understand the signs and signals we are always sending you. Some people would call us spirit guides or guardian angels, but as a collective, we are all the intelligent energy that resides in other realms who are chartered with helping humanity through his or her life on earth.

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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





So, you may not believe in us, but do you believe your dreams? Do you understand the messages we send to you through your dreams? How about intuitive hits or flashes of insight?

What about an occurrence or an event that is placed onto your path, or you hear some song lyrics that affect your day, or a friend or total stranger who spontaneously says something to you that has meaning in your life at that particular time? Do you think that these were accidents or coincidences?

We can tell you that we have many ways we communicate with you, and all this time you thought it was coming from you; or that these occurrences were just spontaneous and not really planned at all.

To upgrade your life, walk with us. You’re doing it more than you realize. It feels so natural to you that you assume it’s you when it’s really you and us on our walk together.

If you believe in dreams and intuition and messages coming through to you, then why would you not believe in our existence? Other realms contain intelligent life that is far superior and advanced than what you experience on earth. Just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean we don’t exist.”


  • All those messages and insights you receive throughout your life are not coming from you but through you.
  • People are now at the point where they want to make contact with something much more powerful than just what’s available on earth.
  • You should learn all you can about us and the work we do. Get a firsthand account of this in Linda’s book, Guided.

How It Works: People are astounded when they realize how much guidance they are sent all the time. Yes, it all comes from your most trusted advisors, your spirit guides. I have had this open dialog (telepathy) and timely guidance throughout my life with this intelligent collective. I know it’s them and see where people miss it in their own lives all the time. People are now seeking answers in unconventional ways, none of this has ever been unconventional to me. When they say, “upgrade your life, walk with us,” it’s just your awareness that this has been happening all along. ~Linda Deir

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