Who will Help You through the Increasing Chaos?
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see the benefits from this chaos.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will understand why this chaos is necessary.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … use this chaos to enhance your life – the result of getting your time back and using it better.


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People seem to be losing their way.

It’s getting harder and harder to not only understand what’s going on, but what to do about it. It feels like getting caught up in a riptide pulling you further and further out to sea. Before you drown in this sea of chaos think about how you got pulled into it in the first place. Things seemed to be going along just fine, then suddenly, a virus stopped the world, followed by social chaos.  

For most, this was the first time you were subjected to a lockdown and having to shelter in place. At first, once the shock wore off, people looked for ways to distract themselves away from the fear. It was a novel thing, the masks, social distancing, working from home, and then came the protests.

But what if this is just a precursor to what will become the norm in the future? Suppose the economy takes longer to recover than what people think? What if the virus comes back repeatedly, or cycles again and again like viruses do? What will people do to help themselves get through these new and uncertain chaotic times? It will require a complete change from how you lived your life before.

Some will learn to use technology to stay in touch with family and friends when, before, the family dinner on the weekends was the norm. Many looked forward to going to the workplace and having lunch with co-workers, and out for drinks after work, which may never happen again. American’s used to look at shopping as a sport and miss the excitement of going from store to store looking for that perfect present or a new dress.

So, who will people look to – to help them adapt to this increasing and continuing chaos?

To rise above the chaos, we recommend you look in two directions

  • First, look inside yourself and reevaluate priorities in your life. The desire to spend your precious time distracted by having more and more stuff may still be there, but what you must realize is that you need very little in your new reality.
  • Secondly, what you need in the outer world is more convenient, less expensive, and delivered right to your door. However, you must become an adept online shopper. For example, many stores are already set up to accommodate your choices, like trying on many pieces of clothing and returning the ones you don’t like.

You are quickly becoming a technology-driven society.

You will learn to use technology to enhance your life. Technology will be the cornerstone displacing many old services with home deliveries being just one of them. What if your next pizza is delivered by a drone? Would you even have to tip it? With driverless vehicles becoming safer and more prominent anything could show up in your driveway without you ever having to leave the house.

Another new abnormal will be how you go about getting help to figure things out. We recommend you start by asking your higher self and us because we are not a last resort. What is it in your life that is necessary? What things did you do in the past that were there just to take your mind off the things you disliked? Time will become your most precious commodity and how you spend that time will be something that you plan for each day.

People will finally realize that wasting time is wasting their life. For this reason, not too many years from now many people will find a new purpose in their life, one that they can manage from anywhere.


HOW IT WORKS: The takeaway from this insight is that you now have your time back. While the chaos continues to build in the outer world you are being guided to focus on your inner world. This is guiding you to discover your purpose in the midst of this chaos. Use our guidance to find it and technology to express it.

Society has been guided to move this way ever since the Internet became a way of life starting in the 1990s, just 25 years ago. I started the first Internet ISP and hosting company in Northern Arizona on March 6th, 1995. I was guided to do it starting one year earlier, as my Guides described it in detail. I was also guided to sell it in 1998, just 1-1/2 years before the Internet dot com crashed. In my book, Guided, I explain how this works.

Ever since then I have been bringing attention to my services and products through the exclusive use of the Internet. I was guided to do it this way ever since I published my award-winning book, Guided, in 2014. Once again, my Guides saw what I could not, long before it became a necessity. So, don’t let the societal norms of the outer world confuse your inner world. You finally have your time back to get the important work done … the reason you came here, your purpose. ~ Linda Deir