Everything In Life Is Loud Except Intuition

We could say that people with good intuition also understand the rules of the universe.

That the universe is connected energies and intelligence. Listening to your intuition is speaking with a realm of greater knowledge – the database of the universe. Your intuition can be used to help you make a simple decision or to find your purpose in life.

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It offers beliefs you may not be able to justify through reasoning alone. Many people say it is some kind of supernatural power. This is not the case.

Intuition communicates with you subtly, and all the time.

Intuition sends you little nudges, signs, feelings, emotions, and events. It is not loud. It presents you with the best map at that time on your journey. However, a person has to follow the map to get to their destination.

Many people hear their intuition speaking to them, but they don’t take action. They choose not to listen even though they hear it. Their impulse is to hold onto old decision patterns – the ones they believe are safe to make. The ones they have made many times before after they have “thought it through.” Many times the impulse to hold on is much stronger than the need or requirement to let go as your intuition is guiding you to do.

People are in crisis…

Their lives are falling apart and they are clinging onto the decisions they made in the past despite what intuition is telling them. Intuition is subtly telling them it’s okay to let go. To let go of the people and things from the past. To let go of all attachment to stuff and the way it was. The way it was is the way they want it to be again and what they hope will be coming back. This would mean that they do not have to make a decision about their future, they are hoping it will be just like their past.

However, people are beginning to realize that their future is not looking anything like their past. In fact, it may be 180 degrees different than their past. Intuition is telling you to stop, breathe, and accept what is happening right now in the present moment. It is telling you to surrender to change and give up investing in beliefs from your past, so you can clearly see where you’re being guided. Intuition is not attempting to scare you, it is trying to prepare you.


  • Intuition is never loud like other things that push you around.
  • People are seeking comfort in their old decisions. The ones they felt comfortable with in the past. The ones they hope will hold true in the future.
  • Start slowly and learn to trust and rely on your intuition to show you the answer ahead of time, then take action.

How It Works: Intuition is like a kind friend who believes in you no matter what. A kind friend who helps you no matter what, never shouts at you, threatens you, insults you, or blames you. It always tells you the truth. In fact, this intuition is the best friend you will ever have. The only time you have trouble hearing your intuition is when everything else around you becomes so loud and distracting that “you can’t hear yourself think.” ~ Linda Deir

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