Telepathy ... the Silent Communicator
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will remember how natural telepathy is.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will become more conscious of the telepathic messages your Guides are sending you.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … write down what your telepathic messages are telling you every day – yes, they come through every day, all day and night.


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Before languages existed how did people communicate?

How do animals communicate? Before there were even grunts and groans to communicate with each other, people somehow knew what the other person was thinking. This was possible because of telepathy. Telepathy is the preferred method that we use to communicate with each other and humankind. Telepathy is pure energy. It’s part of the energy spectrum.

Since everything is energy, including telepathy, you can manipulate it with your thoughts.

Have you ever just looked at a total stranger and had a feeling you knew what they were thinking? Perhaps they were thinking the same thing you were at the same time? This connection may cause a smile to come across each of your faces, or it could strike fear into one or both people that cause a physical reaction.

What makes telepathy so important and powerful is that you can’t filter it or alter its meaning and intention. Telepathy comes through just like it was created from the source.

Experiment with this … when you are in a crowd, look at somebody who has their back turned toward you. Send out a focused intention at them to turn around and look at you. Most of the time; provided your intention was focused, that person will turn around and look right at you. How did this happen? What did you do to make it possible for that person to receive your message … turn around and look at you? You broadcasted an intention that contained a directive, they picked up on it, just like a radio transmission and a receiver – this is how the telepathic transmission works.

Telepathy is the preferred method of all intelligent life to communicate with each other.

When you think about it, the communication complications between people only started once language was created because now interpretation entered the picture. How was it said? … what was the intention? … was it said in jest or with malice?

How about people who spoke different languages? Two people speaking different languages could yell at each other and both would get the message that the other person was upset about something. Even though they couldn’t understand the language they understood the energy.

Without even having to say a word, people, especially two people close to each other, or who are in a loving relationship can communicate much more feelings by being silent or just looking at each other.

Telepathy is the preferred means of communication that transcends all languages in all dimensions and between all sentient beings.


  • Telepathy is the purest form of communication … like intuition.
  • Telepathy requires no interpretation, so write it down in its pure form.
  • Peel away the stressors in your life to improve your telepathic intuitive alertness.

HOW IT WORKS: How well is telepathy working in your life? The easiest way to answer that question is to observe if you are able to interpret what’s being said, along with what’s going on around you. Inconvenient truths may cause you to doubt the telepathic messages and discard them. Telepathy is the energy that communicates important messages to you, regardless of how inconvenient it may seem at times. Many times, it will surprise you but the message it broadcasts is always accurate and timely. Write these telepathic messages that are being sent to you in your journal. They may not make sense the moment they come through, but you will see the connection when you write them down and date them to review later.

So, start harnessing this free and powerful source of communication favored by all intelligent life in the universe. ~ Linda Deir