We Did Everything Together

The Spirit Guides and I take you back to the time in your young life when your relationship with us had already become solid … we did everything together. You were learning about yourself. You were talking to us all the time as you explored and played in our presence. You told us everything you thought and felt. Then, people started asking you who you were talking to?“ We remember your feelings of bewilderment. So let’s get started…

Your communication bridge to us was now well developed.

Talking to us was normal as you applied most of what we were showing you to your playtime when you were inspired to do new things. There were no instructions or anyone telling you how to do any of these things, you figured it all out on your own. In fact, if anyone tried to tell you how to do something it felt intrusive. We never told you how to do it, but we were there to help you figure things out when you asked.

Your spirit was fully activated and our connection was strong. You never questioned this union we had. It was as natural as breathing. You loved all these activities that inspired you so much. Nothing was more important than waking up the next morning to play some more. Most of all, you loved your time alone as you pursued your next project. Because you were so open we were able to deliver a constant stream of projects and events to you igniting your curiosity and setting you on your higher learning journey. You were totally connected to us and every moment was filled with discovering new things and figuring them out. You were amazing!

Your connection to us was automatic.

It was both easy and challenging because everything you were learning encouraged you to learn even more. It was a driving force that put you in touch with your essence. This was the part that connected you to who you are and why you are here. This appeared in everything you did. However, at that time in your life, you didn’t realize any of this, you were just going with the flow and living in the moment. Remember how natural it felt?

You had become confident in yourself, but you didn’t think about it that way. You were on a roll with no end in sight. However, you were not prepared for what was coming next, when people started asking you questions about what you were doing and who you were talking to? Disrupted from your bliss, you withdrew in an attempt to hold onto your connection to us. You never expected that you would have to explain any of this. You never questioned your connection to us or all the things you were learning and discovering about yourself. In fact, until this disruption started, you never even thought about explaining this to anyone. You knew you couldn’t even if you tried. For those of you who actually tried, it only caused more confusion for those who asked.

Now you became careful about who was watching you as you continued learning and communicating with us. You were aware that you had to hide all of this from everyone else. However, this disruption didn’t stop you from pursuing your deep interest in what “the other world” offered you.

Because of this disruption from other people, you were beginning to feel a sense of separation. You were being forced to just be here in this world and abandon everything else. It felt like an ultimatum. This did not feel natural. In fact, it was irritating. You felt annoyed by the people around you. What had come so naturally to you, living in 2 worlds, was now being threatened by everyone in this world. But none of this stopped you from learning the way you did, nor interfered with the solid connection you had with us. These were the new rules that you would have to live by when attempting to secretly live in two worlds simultaneously. ~Linda Deir

My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir