Reaching the Ultimate Relationship

“Today we will speak about the relationship connection guiding you to your ultimate relationship.

Whom do you have relationships with? Everything you experience is a relationship.

You have a relationship with yourself, your spouse, family, friends, your co-workers, a relationship to your work, teachers, doctors, and even your beliefs. You have a relationship with the barista who makes your favorite coffee drink, you have a relationship with music, art, and your pets. You even have a relationship to the clothes you wear that expresses your mood or feeling about the day. You even have an intimate relationship with the car you drive.

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... Reaching the Ultimate Relationship

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels …

It’s on your journey that we share sacred time together. This is when we can reach you because you are more receptive. In addition to having a relationship connection to us, you have a relationship with God, to the earth and to the universe.

What all of these relationships have in common is an intertwining of feelings and emotions…

  • Feelings are unbiased. They deliver immediate knowingness about any situation. It’s information sent through you from the source.
  • Emotions are biased. They come from your investment in a relationship with something or someone. They come from you.

Why do you have all these relationships? It’s because you cannot survive alone. Relationships can come and go, however, the lessons remain. In these relationships you experience different types of emotions; mainly love and trust. You also feel good in them. You have fun with them. You experience learning and new things. These emotions are all part of the relationship. Some relationships are short-term and others last a lifetime or many lifetimes.

The most important relationships you have are the ones you brought with you when you came here, the relationship between you and your Spirit Guides and Angels.

This relationship is built on love and trust. This makes what you are learning rewarding and fun. This is your only unbreakable relationship. They are always here around you even when you are not conscious of it. This relationship has no agenda, no lies, and only exists for your benefit.

So as you go through your day, be aware of all the different types of relationships that you experience. We want you to nurture the good ones and walk away from the ones that do not serve you.”


  • You have many different types of relationships leading to the ultimate relationship.
  • Everything and everyone you interact with is a developing relationship.
  • Some relationships are good for you, others are not. Stop wasting time on the ones that don’t serve you.   

How It Works: Practice becoming more conscious in the ordinary everyday relationships that you have in this world. The benefit will be a stronger relationship connection with your Spirit Guides and Angels. To achieve this you will have to slow down in those moments when anyone of those ordinary relationships presents itself. Here’s how you practice – slow down, pay attention, listen, and take the time to respond to what is important to the other person. This is the art of caring. It’s giving the best of you. When this becomes second nature to you so will your relationship connection bridge to your Spirit Guides and Angels. That’s because the quality of the relationships you cultivate in this world will, in turn, improve the relationship connection and communication bridge you will be developing with your own Source Connected Guides – reaching the ultimate relationship. ~ Linda Deir

Your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready

When you have this ultimate relationship connection with your Spirit Guides and Angels you will know everything precisely when you need to know it. You will know you are never alone.  Angel Coaching with Linda … guidance from “those” who know you best!