When Did You Realize You Were Being Guided, part 2

Here’s how you’re going to be able to detect exactly when you are being guided.

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Linda Deir talks about When Did You Realize You Were Being Guided, part 2

Start a journal. This is going to sound too easy, but this is how it works. If you read or listened to my book, Guided, you will see how I did it. I talk about how I was inspired to do this because of what I was learning from them. This was the only way I could make sense of this ongoing guidance that was always coming through. This guidance showed me new and exciting things I was able to do without any formal education. This was the beginning of my career, as a serial entrepreneur.

My achievements … no one here in this world understood my world.

People who observed my successes wrote it off as me just being lucky. Anyone observing this and not remembering where they came from, or who they are, said it was too hard, or even impossible. They said it was crazy. Contrary to their opinions, I told them that it’s irresistible. I mean, when I was learning to go out of my body when I was four years old, my Guides helped me perfect it, not prevent it. They told me I could do this anytime I wanted to. That’s pretty advanced stuff isn’t it – it wasn’t, it was natural. You forgot.

Your Guides are specific in their timing when presenting you with events precisely when you are ready to learn them.

They reach you at the soul level from where you are right now. They remember everything about you that you forgot, and know exactly why you came here and what you intended to achieve. So, with the help of your Guides, you will start learning about who you are and what you came here to do … so you can do it!

A possible hangup will come when you will want those who are already in your life, the ones you met before you knew yourself, to be a part of this.

But what if they’re not interested? You need to leave them alone and continue moving in the direction of your soul’s yearnings.

You won’t feel alone anymore as you connect the dots that lead you to the life you intended before you got here. Don’t be critical of yourself for delving into this, you are not being selfish, there’s nothing wrong with you any more than there’s something wrong with the people who are currently in your life who have no interest in what you have discovered.

So once you understand how this works, you can pick up the ball you dropped so long ago and start walking with your Guides. Get ready for some intense stuff. You’re going to be amazed at what happens. Your life is finally going to live up to the reasons you came here – your purpose. ~ Linda Deir

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