The Hope Impulse | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Hope is not a strategy.

Neither is wishing or imagining that things will magically appear in your life to change it, just because you thought about them. Nor will the good old days ever come back, nor will things get back to normal. Things were never normal, and the good old days were not as good as you now picture them, they were just calmer by comparison.

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So, how does your future become better? Two things must happen immediately …

  • Any concept or vision you see in your head about a perfect future must be erased.
  • If you chase a concept or a vision that you are already doubting could happen then you are wasting your time. You must start from where you are. Look around, where are you? How is your life right now, today? Where would you like to see it improve?

This is where you start …

  • You become grateful for everything that’s working in your life right now and not fret over what’s not working. If you only focus on what’s not working or what’s lacking in your life you will only attract more of the same.
  • You must cut the cord of wishes and visions for the future and accept “what is” happening right now. That is not only your starting point, but it’s each day’s starting point. There can’t be anything else in your life except “what is” happening right now.

So, once you wake up each day with gratitude for who you are and what you have right now you allow for more opportunities to be presented to you. Opportunities you never imagined or even saw coming. It’s because you have changed your mindset about the rest of your life. The rest of your life is “what is” going on right now, moment by moment. There’s no hoping that it gets better. You don’t want to spend your thoughts on what you don’t have. Only focus on “what is” right now and quit hoping for it to be different.


  • Hope is never a strategy.
  • Things won’t change in the future just because you want them to.
  • Only by focusing on who you are and where you are right now will you be able to build your future.

HOW IT WORKS: When you are hoping for things to be different you cannot accept “what is” happening in your life right now and you miss where guidance is pointing you to go. Guidance can only reach you when you are present. That is where “what is” and the present moment collide and opportunities that you never would have thought of on your own will present themselves. You have more help than you can imagine. To experience this, you must surrender and get out of your own way. Let it find you. Stop interrupting “what is” happening right now in the present moment, hoping things will get better. Trust, and just let it come through. ~ Linda Deir

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