Surviving the Chaos of the Moment
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … how to use the chaos of the moment to access solutions and not allow fear to control you.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … when you catch yourself reacting to the chaos of the moment let that be a warning sign that you are being controlled.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to stop this reactive response to the chaos you must pause long enough to receive an intelligent solution along with your part in it.


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What is the chaos of the moment?

It’s whatever distracts you and throws you into a reactive mode. It could be at home, or at your job, or the world situation. You hear about something on the news that is being reported on every channel. You wonder how it will affect you, if at all, and what you must do if it is a threat to you?

What purpose does the chaos of the moment serve?

It is designed to distract you away from what is really going on. People have sensed that something is not right in the country with regard to the economy, and yet are distracted by reports of how well things are going. These reports are broadcasting that real estate is hot, car sales are performing better than last year, and the stock market is reaching new highs almost daily. 


If everything is this good, why do you feel uneasy?


In reality, when things appear to be going well you fear that it won’t last long and must sell now and so you don’t get caught up in a downdraft. When things are going down and you are already caught up in the downdraft you fear how that will affect you. The common denominator is fear. That’s where the true chaos begins, a response programmed inside you. 

You get intuitive hits, hunches, and even dreams about your own situation. You may get a dream where you were isolated and alone at work and come in Monday to find many of your co-workers have been laid off. Now, you really do feel alone. You may read on a back page of a news report where a company is laying off thousands and thousands of workers, yet you didn’t hear anything about it on the news. These are not small companies these are major employers who are struggling to create a profit. With their overhead killing them they are just one big example of what’s really going on around you.

If you are over-extended you need to “lay off” some of your expenses. You may even start having dreams about cutting back, or live in a smaller place, or not able to buy gasoline, or have enough “fuel” (personal energy) to continue living the way you have been. If you start to have dreams you don’t understand it’s a signal that something is about to happen in your life, that will affect you soon.

Instead of waiting around until it happens, forcing you to be reactionary, you must look at your dreams (the meaning of them), the messages you are getting from others (unwitting agents of guidance), those so-called coincidences that you keep experiencing or reading about (seeing things for what they are), and take all of these as a huge warning that adjustments in your lifestyle are needed before it’s too late.

Heeding these warnings will prevent you from getting caught up and swept away by the chaos of the moment.


  • If someone can get away with lying they will go to great lengths to continue to cover it up. This can only happen when you believe the lies.
  • You must acknowledge the guidance you are getting from all sources and see how it applies to your present moment.   

HOW IT WORKS: Many of my clients are receiving guidance about doing things differently, specific to their situation, to head off disasters lurking ahead.

It seems that we are not being told the truth about what’s really going on. This is where the dreams and daily guidance you are being sent will make all the difference for you going forward. Everyone’s situation is unique to them, so what effects you may not necessarily be the same concern for someone else. This is where your Spirit Guides help you see what you cannot and explain how to implement it in your life to avoid unnecessary pain and struggle going forward. Once again, you are not alone and always have problem-solving solutions readily at hand, thanks to your Spirit Guides. ~ Linda Deir