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  • The takeaway from this episode is … your intuition doesn’t need fixing – YOU DO.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you have reliable intuition; all you need to do is tune into it.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … since intuition happens, whether you want it or not, you may as well learn how to utilize it. This starts by writing it down.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

If intuition is such a remarkable decision-making tool, why don’t more people listen to their intuition before they make a decision?

What is worse is someone who listens to their intuition and then does the opposite of what intuition told them.

There are many reasons people don’t listen to their intuition. Some believe that since it’s not scientific, then it can’t be explained. After all, how would you explain it to others if you used it?

Many people don’t understand what intuition is. It may seem vague to them or not clear. Additionally, what if they don’t like what intuition is telling them? After all, they’re the kind of person who likes to “think things through!” Plus, intuition never gives them a definitive answer; it never outlines exactly what they should do.

Maybe they don’t trust it when they receive an intuitive message or don’t believe in it. Many people are also committed to a certain outcome emotionally before they even make a decision. Besides, for many, intuition just seems too easy. It shows up quickly and when you least expect it. Maybe you do listen to your intuition, but only when it makes you feel good.

Communication with your Spirit Guides and Higher Intelligence happens in many ways that can’t be explained scientifically. Intuitive messages come from your core and that’s what people mean when they say, “I had a gut feeling.”

Intuition happens whether you asked for it or not …

That’s because you are always asking yourself questions subconsciously. Your intuition helps guide you in the right direction. It rarely tells you what to do step-by-step. It is a tool to help you make better decisions than you could have done on your own.

You can suffer for a long time when you make a bad decision. People choose bad mates, they endure bad marriages, they get into bad business deals, and many choose a job that they hate. Many times you make a decision to buy something that you didn’t even care about after you bought it. The result of bad decisions is regret.

So, why doesn’t intuition come through and tell you exactly what to do? Intuition, your Spirit Guides, Higher Intelligence, and all source energy are not dictators. They act as your Spirit Guides who can easily point you in the right direction, but you still have to walk that way using free will.

Your intuition never gives up on you or stops giving you intuitive messages.

You are constantly asking yourself questions subconsciously and the universe responds through the delivery of intuitive messages and events. You may fight intuition all your life and make mediocre decisions, but it is usually the split-second, instantaneous decisions or revelations that come from your intuition that are the turning points in your life.

Even when you are not asking questions subconsciously that doesn’t mean intuition stops. For example, you may not be asking yourself questions about how to find the perfect mate, but you “know” with that first glance, when you see that person that – they are the one.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Using your intuition and not fighting it will help you limit the regrets in your life. Master it and you will live a life of intention, the life you came here to live.
  • Many people are unhappy and depressed, a result of bad decisions, one on top of the other. Using your intuition will help you become a better decision-maker and allow happiness to return.
  • Many people are under pressure from the economy, the loss of their job, and the stress of the times, and it is not letting up. Using your intuitive gifts to make better decisions for the future will relieve the stress and allow the flow back into your life.   

HOW IT WORKS: There are two reasons people don’t trust themselves or their intuition. First, people learn not to trust themselves usually through a long string of bad decisions. Like I said at the beginning of this insight, “your intuition doesn’t need fixing – YOU DO.” Your intuition works perfectly fine, you just forgot how to use it.

Next, people don’t trust their intuition because it may seem too simple or too easy. They have been taught that in order to make a decision you must gather all the facts first. If intuition happens to jump in early and guide you in the right direction, making a decision on intuition may seem like you are cheating. This is why people feel uncomfortable explaining to their friends that they didn’t reason things through to get to their decision, for example, it just came to them in a dream. This is indicative of a person whose need for validation from their friends is greater than what their intuition has to offer.

The best and quickest way to stop doubting your intuition is to write it down the moment it happens.

People sometimes receive an intuitive message that saves their life and, in an instant, they acted on it without questioning it. The problem is when the intuition becomes stale, allowing too much time to pass before they act on their intuition. Although people may listen to their intuition well into adulthood, decision-making gets complicated when there is a lot at stake. For example; an executive who believes they know the right thing to do without reasoning it to death will hold a meeting to get everyone’s input in order to spread the risk around in case they’re wrong. It’s not so much that people stop listening to their intuition, but outside pressures and expectations cause disorientation during the decision-making process. ~ Linda Deir




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