When Guidance presents Pauses and Detours | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Do we ever send you bad guidance? … No, we don’t.

All guidance is just guidance. You may not find it convenient to hear it at that particular time but it’s timely and important. It’s like listening to the news and hearing that it’s going to rain and storm this weekend just when you wanted to have your picnic.

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We can’t help the weather any more than we can tailor the guidance to your whims.

When we tell you something that slows you down or put something in front of you that takes you off course like a cold or the flu, it’s always a sign that you need to heed. We’re telling you to slow down, take a rest, don’t keep going in the direction you are going.

Guidance is like a spiritual detour sign.

When you see a detour sign on the road you follow the signs directing you to go another way and not the way you intended to go when the sign wasn’t there. Yes, it may be a little out of your way and take you longer to get where you are going but you will get there. It’s nothing to be upset about, it’s just a pause affecting your path and timeframe.

So, when you receive guidance that you don’t like or it’s inconvenient, pause and ask yourself why you are receiving this guidance at this time? Do you need to slow down the pace, take another look at your plan, hire some help in order to accomplish your plan, or maybe you just need a quiet vacation to get away from the plan altogether to get an objective perspective about the plan? It’s during this pause that you will see and allow us to reveal the flaws in your plan. Write it down so you can look back at it in order to understand what this pause is telling you – what we are telling you.

You need to remember this mantra, “When there is a pause there are most likely flaws.”

This mantra will keep you from getting anxious over deadlines and whether or not you can achieve the goal in the allotted time you gave it. Perhaps by pausing you will achieve a greater outcome once you allow us to help you. You do this by taking a pause, stepping back, and looking again … then write it all down.


  • Pauses are not something you should get anxious about but pay attention to why they are there.
  • A break on the path and a detour to the plan are good things giving you a chance to reconsider certain aspects of it.
  • If you ignore the guidance we are sending you and just continue on your path toward an expected outcome your life will become difficult.

HOW IT WORKS: When you commit yourself to follow your guidance you will no longer be concerned about the opinions of others. You won’t focus on taking things personally. Your focus will be centered on paying attention to what guidance is showing you and acting on it while it’s still valid. There can be no resistance to following your guidance, no matter how the inconvenient truths may affect what you had planned. Leave nothing on the table, write the guidance down in your journal because without it you will miss the details that show you the entire meaning. ~ Linda Deir

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