Spiritual Pit Stop
  • The takeaway from this episode is … like a Formula One pit crew your Guides are efficient, exact, and right on time.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will learn to use your logbook to keep your life running perfectly.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … your pit crew is on standby waiting for you to stop so they can improve your performance.


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Here’s how a daily 15 minute spiritual pit stop will clear up your life.

When a Formula One race car driver takes a pit stop it’s a high-speed coordinated process that is completed in seconds. Everything the car needed to continue the race is attended to by a precision pit crew team who each does one thing quickly. In seconds the car and driver are ready to re-enter the race.

A spiritual pit crew is quick but you may not always be ready. When you make a spiritual pit stop it is attended to by a crack team of specialists, your Spirit Guides, and Angels. They are all specialists in what you need at that moment.

This spiritual pit stop is not something you do occasionally but is needed daily as you go through your spiritual awakening.

You must set aside time to stop and step out of the rat race. You need to pull over, not just for a few seconds but for at least 15 minutes each day, so you can be rejuvenated. This is when you document your progress in this race and begin to see patterns.

It’s important to make this pit stop each day at the same time. You need to find at least 15 minutes early or late in the day when you are not distracted. This will develop into your productive alone time. During this time, you must stop and relax. Concentrate on your breathing because it’s in the breath that you become one with us and the universe. Listen for our whispers coming through and write them down in your journal. Unlike the Formula One pit crew, your spiritual pit crew is never frantic or shouting at you. We are efficient, exact, and right on time – not in a hurry.

Ask clear questions of your spiritual team and expect clarity from the universe in return. You need to be refueled spiritually each day, before rejoining the earthly rat race, or you will flounder. By writing in your journal daily about the guidance you are receiving you will begin to see how each page is connected to the next, the story of your life. These connections are what allow you to understand where it is you are going, what has happened in the past, and why. It’s through seeing the connection and how you felt about it that will keep you on course while in the race.

Just like the racing pit crew keeps a log of how the car is performing, your journal writing serves the same purpose.

Your journal writing will become the logbook of your life. Helping to not only understand the day-to-day things that are happening, which are changing you as a person but by seeing them all put together – you will begin to experience the big picture. This is the race you entered when planning this life with us, your spiritual pit crew.


  • A spiritual pit stop requires that you stop, so you can make the connection.
  • You have a team of experts waiting for you to make a spiritual pit stop.
  • Keeping your journal, your logbook, just like the pit crew does, will allow you to see what is happening and why.

HOW IT WORKS: What the Spirit Guides have explained in this insight is mastering the art of living in two worlds simultaneously. In a dream, you can’t interpret it while you are in it. In life, you can’t see it until you write it in your journal. Being in 2 worlds comes together once you write it down. However, you won’t usually see what that is for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years later. You wouldn’t see any of it if you didn’t keep a log. While you are following this practice of writing in your journal about what was unusual or out of the ordinary each day for at least 15 minutes, you are also building a communication bridge to your Spirit Guides. That’s the by-product of taking your daily pit stops. ~ Linda Deir