Love is the Intention to Reach Higher intelligence

“There are higher IQ’s that measure intelligence.

Some people are average IQ, some are below average, and some are higher than average. This is the same with higher intelligence and intuition. Not everyone is at the same level. 

Unlike IQ, higher intelligence is difficult to measure.

Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Higher intelligence is something that you develop over time, like a muscle. It’s difficult to define and measure because it is a power. Clarity of thought. It is a power that comes from clarity of intention. It is not a power to be used to dominate someone, but to bring light to them.

The opposite of higher intelligence is confusion; lack of clarity and lack of clear intention. You utilize higher intelligence to show others the light. This power should never be used to amplify or magnify the weaknesses in others. When you do that, you are dominating.

Domination lacks the clarity of intention.

When a person develops their higher intelligence to a point where people come to them for guidance, that is the time when many people become gurus in their minds. The true power of higher intelligence is brought forth when a person does the right thing and nobody is watching. There should not be a self-serving consequence of sharing higher intelligence. It is not a power that people should be afraid of, it is a power that others crave when they are around you.

True higher intelligence always operates from love and not selfishness. A person who can channel their higher intelligence for noble good is the most powerful person on earth.

You do not have to forgo materialism or suffer to achieve higher intelligence. No, of course not. Many people who are blessed with riches have this higher intelligence, and higher intelligence has drawn riches to them because they were clear in their intention.

Many others that give away their riches do so out of guilt. These riches many times have been acquired through dominance and manipulation.”


  • Some examples of those living the path of higher intelligence are ordinary people you have never met nor heard of. They lead a life of service to others, expecting nothing in return. These people do not work at higher intelligence; they are shown higher intelligence because they possess clear intention. The person who lives their life from a perspective of higher intelligence is identifiable by the way people react to them.
  • Humanity is caught up in the wrong kind of intention and therefore, never sees the benefits of higher intelligence. Most of the humans who have mastered higher intelligence would be categorized as pacifists or great humanitarians whose knowledge brought light to many.
  • Some people are aware that they have a higher calling while here on this earth. Have you ever felt that you had a higher calling? If you did, you carry the light within you and it shines forth no matter what you do. It is not something you turn on or turn off, it is something others see and are drawn to, like a lighthouse.   

How It Works: You know when you are on the right path because you will have this higher intelligence energy source available to you at all times. It’s through the energy of love that you make this connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels. This is how they describe what they do, “We provide a Universal Insight and Information Service, we call it Truth.” They unselfishly provide this service to those who can be reached. ~ Linda Deir

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