Become That Rare Person

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To become that rare person requires that you look deeply into something very personal. 

Personal development and improvement are just that, something very personal. Yet when people set off on a course of improvement and personal development, they follow standards set by others. 

People are bombarded with images of how you are supposed to look, what type of body you should have, how you should dress, what kind of car you should drive, and what you should buy in order to improve your life. So, if personal development is personal then why do people chase others’ standards when trying to improve?

Becoming that rare person is an inner journey into the real you.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape it should be because you will become someone you feel better about. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else. In fact, if you did lose 50 pounds and then moved to another city people wouldn’t know you lost all the weight – they never knew you before. So, why do people want to lose weight for other people?

If you are 20 pounds overweight and love yourself the way you are then why would you desire to change? If you like the car you drive that’s 20 years old, then why should you feel that you would improve your life by buying a new one? Would you really improve your life by spending money on a car, or taking on expensive car payments that you may not be able to afford? Additionally, you would incur more insurance costs and more worries about someone scratching it. Is this something you call personal development?

The making of that rare person …

Personal improvement and personal development must be redefined and restricted to things only personal. No one else is responsible for your happiness so why keep trying to impress and please others? Start pleasing yourself by only doing things that you truly believe will result in loving and appreciating yourself more. 

Don’t run out and buy the latest self help book or invest in that latest personal development fad. You don’t need new clothes, or new electronic gadgets in order to feel improved – in fact, those things may do the opposite to you. Personal means personal, and it varies from person to person just what improving means. You are not improving by getting something, you are improving by becoming more than you could have become if you hadn’t tried.

One way not to be confused over what makes you a better person … turn off your TV and stop the relentless programming of your mind.


  • If you need a place to start improving start with your health, as that is the most personal thing you have.
  • People allow outside standards to be placed on them. To find your own standards start writing in your journal 15 minutes daily.
  • People allow themselves to be programmed into thinking they are inadequate as a person and that they are lacking. It’s not that they lack anything, it’s that all that pressure caused them to forget who they are.

HOW IT WORKS: You know you love yourself when insecurities no longer dominate your life. When insecurities dominate you, your ego is in control. That is how people get in over their heads and buy things that put them at financial risk. People who love and appreciate themselves are not selfish, or self-centered. They are not living in fear, they are living in truth and can handle the truth without the rose-colored glasses. These people are rare, but easy to spot because they are so rare. When you are fortunate enough to find yourself in their company – calm your impulse to be heard and listen instead. This moment has the potential to be the self-realization you have been missing.

When you become that rare person, that’s the real authentic you. You discover self-love, finding yourself in the company of that rare person who loves and appreciates themselves every day – and that rare person would be you! ~ Linda Deir