Will I Ever Have a Connection to My Spirit Guides Like You Do

People tell me, “you obviously have a strong connection to your Spirit Guides. You had a head start. How could I ever do that?” They ask, “will I ever have a connection to my Spirit Guides like you do?”

Linda Deir talks about Will I Ever Have a Connection to My Spirit Guides Like You DoFirst of all, that’s like saying I can hear something that you can’t when we have the same hearing ability. Just because you didn’t listen doesn’t mean your Spirit Guides aren’t there.

Everyone has guidance throughout their life. You were born with intuitive equipment, like built-in GPS. You have the option to ignore it, but it’s always “on” and available to you.

From early childhood, I experienced something most people missed – I realized that I was being “guided.”

Now, after a lifetime of being guided and for the first time ever, in my book GUIDED, I am sharing what I have learned, and most importantly, how I learned it.

Using my life as a template, I share the guidance I have received throughout my life as GUIDED triggers the reader or listener, time and time again by identifying when you have been GUIDED throughout your life. It’s like receiving a massive tune-up.

In GUIDED my approach, delivery, energy, and spontaneity is a human translation of your own Spirit Guides speaking to you through me. They are lightning-fast, high-energy, and very smooth. They are articulate as they remain completely focused on guiding you.

I was able to write GUIDED because my Spirit Guides drew my story out of me – now it will draw your story out of you by retracing your steps and identify where you have been guided all along. In GUIDED it is them in action – unlocking your life.

If you follow someone else’s guidance, then you’re the reason they exist. If you follow your own guidance, YOU ARE the reason you exist.

GUIDED will help you retrace the steps of your own life. Once you do this, upon reflection, you will see that you had been living your life like it was just another day.

You didn’t know who you were, why you were here, your purpose, or that your life had any meaning at all. Because of this, you became vulnerable to being led down the road of fear. Fear that you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough. Convinced that something was wrong with you,  you played it safe by doing the same things everyone else was doing.

How did it feel when you were told all of that? Were you shocked, ashamed, embarrassed, OR were you embarrassed for them?

GUIDED gets right to the center of the reader and listener’s own journey and illustrates how the answer is always present, with the support of your Spirit Guides.

You learn to be mindful so you can detect and trust the guidance in your own life the instant it appears.

I have already learned this process and mastered it. Now, for the first time ever, in GUIDED, I reveal exactly how this process works so you can live a guided life too. ~ Linda Deir

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