Backing Out of Your Dilemmas


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People seem to find themselves in all kinds of dilemmas.

These dilemmas are personal, financial, work, and relationships. At some point in your life, these become dilemmas. Is a dilemma something you must figure out? … something you must question? … something you think you can’t avoid? It could be all of these depending on your situation, which is the basis for how big you will perceive any one of these dilemmas to be.

We can tell you that the dilemmas you will face are caused by overextension.

You overextend yourself by wanting too much, and having too much, as things get out of control. You can no longer keep up with the demands associated with all the stuff, causing more dilemmas. So, how do you fix this? Where do you start? Where do you want to go?

Do you want to accept these dilemmas and live with them for the rest of your life? Or would you like to do something about them, maybe even eliminate them. Since dilemmas are caused by overextension you must learn how to let go of the things causing the dilemmas. We are not talking about losing anything. We are talking about releasing them. This is a huge difference.

People discover that their home has become a big dilemma in their life. They can no longer afford it, let alone all the expenses associated with ownership. They justified paying on a mortgage rather than renting but failed to consider the maintenance, insurance, taxes, utilities, HOA fees, improvements, unexpected repairs, and all the time and energy it takes to manage all this. Worst of all it keeps you stuck. 

The American Dream has become a huge dilemma even in good times. People keep themselves in this situation because they desire freedom. Freedom from being told what they can’t do with the property since they don’t own it. Additionally, it promises security, both personally and financially. 

However, if you decided to sell your home you will soon discover many dilemmas associated with that … before, during, and after, taking up more of your time and stress. After this experience, you may reconsider buying another home. 

So what are the consequences of not buying another one? … would you see yourself as homeless? Of course not. You could always find a place to rent where you felt at home but didn’t have to own it. 

We see you gaining something – not losing anything.

If you rented a place near where you work, or shop, would you even need a car? How much money would you save by not owning a car? You would no longer have to pay insurance, fuel, maintenance, and unexpected repairs, while the car drops in value every year? What if you could walk or ride a bike to work, or even carpool to go shopping and pay for their fuel. You would certainly pay much less than owning an automobile.

Does this mean you’ve lost something? Of course not. It means that you have gained another new freedom in your life. Once you begin looking at all the things you have accumulated through mindless overextension, you will then see how your thinking was flawed before you got yourself in those dilemmas. You create your dilemmas and you can back out of them just as easily as you got into them.


HOW IT WORKS: People have been programmed to consume. Without all the consumption the corporations could have never achieved what they have. They gained tremendous control, while you willingly forfeited your freedoms.

With freedom comes your inner peace and ability to do the things you’ve put off for years. It’s not about having things, but doing and experiencing things. You won’t know how good it feels until you do it. The harder it is to release the things in your life causing the dilemmas , the better you will feel once it’s behind you. ~ Linda Deir