Stress Pandemic. The stresses people are experiencing have...

“A pandemic is spreading around the world. It’s not the newest flu, nor the next super-bug virus from Asia. This is a stress pandemic caused by a restless mind.

The stresses people are experiencing have been building up for decades causing them to be irritable and edgy, quick-to-anger, and exhausted but can’t sleep.

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They can’t function at their jobs, are ineffective at dealing with their families, and often look to addictive escapes to combat the growing stress.

This stress pandemic is also contagious. It spreads to your coworkers, to your friends and family members, and even your pets pick up on it and become nervous around you.

We see four main types of stresses causing this stress pandemic: economic stress, physical stress, emotional stress, and spiritual stress:

  1. The economic stress has been around since the 1970s. That is when the pressure to “achieve, maintain, and accumulate” started. It was the beginning of a pattern of unnecessary stress.
  2. Next, legal and illegal drugs flourished. Thriving now became surviving which caused physical stress. This double whammy of economic and physical stress manifested into many diseases, especially diseases that keep you frozen and prevent you from moving forward or walking like; arthritis – mobility issues of all kinds, diseases that kept people from breathing in life fully, diseases that prevented them from thinking clearly like; dementia and diseases of the heart that kept them from loving themselves and others.
  3. Then, came emotional stress. This is when depression and anti-anxiety drugs exploded. Anger has hit an all-time high making road rage an everyday occurrence. People didn’t feel appreciated and felt taken advantage of. They feel lost and ashamed. It became difficult to love another when you didn’t love yourself.
  4. Now, feeling completely lost brought on spiritual stress. Something was lacking at a soul-level. This is where you find yourself today.

The solution to this stress pandemic is to let go of your attachments to stuff along with what others think of you.

Let go of all the beliefs that no longer serve you. Let go of the toxic people in your life and all of your destructive habits and unhealthy relationships. Once you let them all go, the associated stresses will go with them.”

How It Works: Attachments to the past will only prolong the pain and suffering – the stress pandemic. Imagine starting over. A new life that allows you to move freely, breathe life in fully, think clearly and start trusting and loving again. This is when your Spirit Guides can reach you. In order to step into this, you need to recall those simpler times before all this started. Once you have moved into this you will look back on the last few decades and say good riddance to the stress and goodbye to the people and situations that were the cause of the stress pandemic. ~ Linda Deir

Your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready

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