Extending and Pretending your Life Away
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will think twice before blindly going along with the status quo.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will awaken, so you can stop pretending things are different from what they are.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … document what you are realizing. This is how you will find your way through the madness.


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Since everybody wants to do the best thing, they comply, after all, who wouldn’t want to do the best thing? The best thing in the moment may not be the right thing in the long run. So why do so many, so-called best things turn out to be not so good?

What causes people to believe someone of authority who tells you it’s really the best thing for you?

The question you should ask yourself is – the best thing for who? … for you? your family? your country? Or is it the best thing for someone else, those who are promoting it? It’s like getting caught in a web of manipulation that is constantly being woven around you. Once you get caught up in the web it pulls you in little by little. It’s like the frog in the pot syndrome, you slowly get used to the heat, but now the heat is getting turned up.

People give away their freedoms. They stop relying on their free will once they hear those magic words, “it’s for your own safety, and “it’s the best thing for you right now.”

Once they sell you on the first best thing it becomes easier to get you to comply with the next best thing, which has less and less appeal. Soon, a string of so-called “best things” becomes a rope around your neck. Once you find yourself in this situation it’s difficult to get out. How you stop this from happening is with this simple response, Tell them, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” That’s not the response the person who is promoting their “best thing” wants to hear you say.

These authority figures don’t want people to possess critical thinking, they want people who fall into fear easily, so they do what they’re told. This started when you were a child and first heard the word, no. You were told you can’t do that, but nobody explained why. The best answer the parent could come up with was, “I said so, that’s why.”

You were conditioned to believe the authority figure, so you assume that what they said must be right and the best thing for you to do.

However, as you grew up you discovered that many of the things you were told to do, turned out to be terrible advice and wondered how anyone who was supposed to have your best interest in mind would do this to you? What were they thinking? The truth is, they weren’t thinking about you at all. They were concerned with an outcome, something that demanded your compliance, one that relied on your blind acceptance.

Most of the authority figures who told you what to do were not critical thinkers, they were just following someone else who told them what to do. Like you, they too were pressured to follow the pack, or else.


HOW IT WORKS: Having someone else make your decisions and tell you what to do is the protocol for schools and businesses. Having a mind of your own is not in favor. In fact, that will get you in a lot of trouble. So, what do you do? Do you go along with the status quo by pretending and following the pack extending the problem into the future? That’s referred to as “kicking the can down the road,” a term used in the financial world. They find new ways to extend the growing problems rather than facing them now. Everyone feels the tension around all this, as you witness more and more volatility in the world.

The day is coming when pretending and extending your life away will be all-consuming. It will catch up to anyone who is not thinking for themselves. ~ Linda Deir