Our Friendship Grows

The Spirit Guides and I take you on a journey back to the time when your friendship was developing with us. This will trigger your memory so you can realign with “us” now, allowing you to re-establish this vital connection and recall the guidance and direction you received so early in your life. It showed you who you are and why you are here. So let’s get started…

Recalling how your friendship with your Spirit Guides and Angels originally developed is vital to reconnecting to them now.

This journey back will also remind you who you were back then, long before outside pressures started to dominate your life. This started with the simple things you did – when you were alone. Your life was filled with curiosity and exploration. There was no separation between you and your Spirit Guides and Angels. You were one with everything. Being connected like this was natural. It was a constant flow from one moment to the next, free of expectations, after all, you had nothing to compare any of this to. It was all new to you.

This was the time in your life that you flew under the radar because no one took you seriously, it’s like they were letting you grow through your kid stage in life, although you didn’t realize this at that time. In fact, this may be the first time you even thought about it. It was at this time in your life that you felt like yourself. Do you remember what that felt like?

To help get you started, I’m going to talk about what it felt like then.

To reconnect with that distant memory, which is based on the feelings you experienced then. This was happening before your reasoning started. You were running on pure knowing and feelings as this endless source of exploration consumed your life.

This was the time when you learned what you liked and didn’t like. This wasn’t coming from anyone telling you who or what to like or dislike, but what truly resonated with you, from the directive of your soul. You didn’t talk about what you were learning because you were too busy learning and experimenting with it. Again, this was all-natural to you, so why make it hard by talking about it. Unfortunately, that would come later.

You brought everything you would need in this life with you on that very first day when you were born. With that in mind, it was at this time in your life that you played with these gifts and talents that you brought with you, a continuum from previous lifetimes, to explore them on a new level this time around.

To trigger your own early memory of who you were before you came here, I will share something I recall from an early time in my life that defies reasoning while revealing my purpose. I was around two years old and obsessed with drawing colorful works of art, large mural designs, on the living room walls. When I couldn’t reach any higher I pulled a chair over to stand on, so I could reach higher and wider. Although I was told not to do that again, as soon as my mother scrubbed my mural designs off the wall I colored them right back on. This feeling was an uncontrollable urge that had to come out. The second time this urge hit me was in kindergarten when I dominated playtime with the large building blocks. It was the same obsession. Fast forward 15 years; guided and driven by this same urge to design and build, I became an architectural home designer and home builder in my early 20s. I did all of this without any formal education and I did it on a large scale.

When you felt those urges as a child, did you follow them … without hesitation? Follow them now!

You will recall early gifts and talents that you brought with you into this lifetime when you reconnect with those early “feelings” that defined you. It revealed itself to you then, from an instantaneous urge, a passion you could not resist. It was showing you what you came here to do. It’s an important part of your journey this time around. For me, it started with designing and building homes that people loved living in. This evolved into creating and building projects, like this one, that changes people’s lives, which explains the message in the dream I had for the first 35 years of my life.

It’s time to go back to those early feelings that were irresistible and undeniable, even if you weren’t allowed to pursue them then. These feelings, that urge, is still a big part of you – it is you! Write those early feelings in your journal without getting caught up in the reasons you were derailed. That just interferes with what you are meant to receive. It hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s a safely preserved treasure waiting for you to uncover, bring to the surface, and implement into your life. ~Linda Deir

My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir