Who Do You Talk to When Things Fall Apart?

“Let’s examine your options when it comes to who you talk to when things fall apart.

Many people are afraid to talk to anyone about their problems. They fear judgment and being scorned. Some people talk to their priest or rabbi. Others talk to their counselor or psychologist but that gets expensive.

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There’s nothing your therapist can do to change your situation which is really what you are concerned with.

Some people try to talk to their friends. This is where you always get hung up. The last thing your friends want to talk about is your problems. Why? … because they have so many problems of their own and talking to you about yours only reminds them of theirs.

So, now who’s left to talk to when things fall apart?

Let’s start by suggesting that you talk to yourself first, who is really your higher self. That’s what you used to do when you were young when you needed to figure something out. By following this easy routine, you will find yourself talking to us. So you don’t forget the conversation we had, write it all down in your journal.

Write down what is bothering you. What has fallen apart in your life that you wish hadn’t happened. Write down what you want to do about it? Do you want to fix it? Do you want to change it? Or, maybe you don’t want to think about it at all, as it continues to fester into a bigger problem. These are all choices.

Start this simple and easy routine of writing down what is bothering you.

Now you can look at it from outside yourself, it’s on the paper. The pain is in you, but the problem is now on the paper. Once you see it in front of you ask yourself, how do you feel about what you just wrote down? Does it feel overwhelming, or does it feel like something you can grasp because now you can see the solution and dissolve the problem? If you see it going away, how does it make you feel?

What you will realize in the process of doing your journal writing is that the best ones to talk to when you have things in your life that fall apart, or breakdown is yourself and us. We don’t tell you the decisions you should make and then tell you what to do. What we do is help you through this self-inquiry process showing you what the situation actually is, how it’s affecting your feelings so you can realize the action you must take to clear it from your life. That’s where we come in, we show you your options. Some will work better than others depending on the amount of effort and action you take, and how soon you act. This process will yield better results than any therapist, friend, or a family member ever could have.

Everybody seems to have an agenda when people come to them for advice. You may feel camaraderie with the people you talk to because they have the same problems. In some strange way, this makes you feel better talking to them knowing that you don’t have some rare kind of problem.

Whatever you write in your journal, keep it to yourself. This will eliminate the self-doubt and second-guessing yourself. People who you have gone to for advice will not give you the solution, most likely they will tell you what you are going to do won’t work because it didn’t work for them. But you are not them, you are going to take a different approach. One that involves self-inquiry resulting in self-realization. This is your way back to the truth so you can see solutions like we do, and not problems like you used to.


  • Who do you talk to when things fall apart? … there’s a long list of prospects but they need answers too.
  • Most people have the same problems as you do.
  • Only through an intentional process of self-inquiry and acceptance of “what is,” will you find your answer, your solution, and it doesn’t involve talking to anyone but us.

HOW IT WORKS: Your routine of writing in your journal for 15-minutes a day is going to change your life completely. Most people start by writing down what is bothering them the most. That is the daily exercise that will lead you to the good part. Getting the pressure off by solving what’s bothering you right now will open new doors for you. That’s when you will be ready for your Spirit Guides to show you the more exciting and interesting things that you came here to experience in this lifetime. ~ Linda Deir

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