Distractions Keep You Disconnected from Guidance | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Have you noticed how many people seem distant and not present when you are speaking to them?

Where are they? What could be more important than what you are attempting to communicate? They are not present because they are consumed with distractions. These distractions come in many forms; their family life, their work environment, their kids, their relationships, and more often than not they are overextended in most areas of their lives.

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Leading a consumer lifestyle has caused them to become trapped by the stuff.

Everything becomes and is designed to be a distraction; the news, TV programs, the Internet, social media, and advertisements bombarding you all day long. It’s no wonder you are distracted and put into a lifestyle of consuming. Somewhere down the road, when you clean out your garage or do the spring cleaning, you run across so many things you bought with money you didn’t have, that you never even used, and put on credit cards that you are still paying on. The tags are still on some of the items. That’s when you think to yourself, why did I think I needed this? Looking back, you can see how you were distracted into thinking that this item, or piece of clothing, or purchase was something you equated with happiness, or fulfillment would eliminate your lack. Yet it was never even used, and you still feel the lack.

This is known as buyer’s remorse, 10-fold.

You now see the folly of consuming in order to feel better about yourself and your life. So, you pack up all these items you didn’t need to sell them at your garage saleor donate them to charity. The space they took up is left open. This triggers thoughts of, “now I have room to put more stuff,” but you have a quick flashback about the stuff you got rid of at a huge loss.

Staying on this treadmill of consumption, storing and selling, or donating takes up a lot of your time. If you examine each aspect of your life; relationships, stuff, distractions, and addictions, you will find you were convinced you needed them in your life to be happy. When, in fact, they have made you feel miserable and disconnected from your guidance and from yourself. You discover that acquiring things is much easier than letting go of things in your life, however, once you peel away the top layer of the stuff you begin to feel a little better.

But then, the guidance tells you that you haven’t even put a dent in your consumption addiction. The addiction that keeps you distracted and chasing more. More of everything. You have a monumental task in front of you to strip away all the things you don’t need that you bought with money you didn’t have that didn’t bring you happiness. Once you go through this downsizing exercise a few times will you be able to see the things that remain. Those are the things that really have value in your life. The things you can’t put a price tag on.”


  • You are distracted from your guidance because of all the stuff in your life.
  • Most of the stuff is things or situations you didn’t need or couldn’t afford to have.
  • Getting rid of the things that keep you distracted, layer by layer will take some time before you begin to feel present and have your life back.

How It Works: After years of releasing the load and the stuff that has burdened you, only then will you begin to feel “normal” again. So, what is normal? “Normal” happens when you feel like yourself. It defies everything that was sold to you as normal. You are “the normal” you have been seeking. It’s not something you are hanging onto or something someone is selling to you, it’s who you are. Only after you experience how the distractions have affected your life and your well-being, will you be motivated to move past it so you can reclaim yourself, “your normal.” The distractions were a sales job by the experienced marketers to get you to lean their way and away from your true self. The good news is you have identified the cause of the distractions causing the disconnection to yourself and your guidance. Now that you are aware of this situation you will no longer be susceptible to it. You are free! ~ Linda Deir

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