When You Were the Oddball and Didn't Get It

“How did you get to the point where you felt like you didn’t get it? So, what is it you didn’t get?

This made you feel out of sorts – like you were an oddball. Do you remember when you first felt that way? It led to self-doubt, thinking something was wrong with you. Before you had a chance to recognize what was really going on – you took it personally. You now felt separation and lack, amplifying your need for acceptance in this world.

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Because there were no role models that understood the otherworldly connections that you remembered, by default, you became the oddball. This made you feel like you weren’t good enough because in the eyes of everyone here in this world – you didn’t get it.

All you needed to do was to be okay with living in two worlds.

The world you came from and the one you’re in now. Everything was working perfectly until self-doubt took over. You felt conflicted. You wanted to keep the connection to us, like when you first came here. However, once you were exposed as this oddball who didn’t get it, you felt a new need. A need to be accepted. Accepted in the group of your peers, and your family and friends. Now, you were really torn between the two worlds you found yourself in. These worlds were being ripped apart as a result of your inner conflict. The result was, now you felt alone in both worlds. The Oddball, You Don't Get It

This need for acceptance will drive you for a long time until you one day realize where you went wrong.

You took everything personally. It’s not that you wanted to be like everyone else, you wanted everyone else to be like you.” SUMMARY:

  • The first feeling you had when you started to feel like an outcast was separation.
  • But, separation from what or who. It would take you many years to figure this out.
  • Not knowing how to live in two worlds, was and is the problem.

  How It Works: This confusion only happens to the ones who didn’t completely forget. You felt the connection to where you came from. As the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss,” and would explain your peers, family, and friends. They didn’t feel the connection, so to them, nothing was missing. They lived from the assumption that this world is all there is. They were unanimous in their beliefs. That is the only reason you started to feel like an outcast, an oddball. The pressure you felt, from being labeled an oddball, would follow you throughout your life. However, the connection to the world you came from wasn’t something you could turn off, even if you ignored it for many years. ~ Linda Deir

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