The Courage to Be the Real You

“Do you ever feel different?

How often do you feel different? What is it that you think makes you feel so different from others? These little glimpses of differences are the real you surfacing. You don’t feel like the real you because you have suppressed your real self for so long.

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Looking back, when was the first time you felt different?

How did it feel? Did you feel confusion, guilt, or shame? Did you feel like you were odd in some way? Think back real hard and relive that moment for a moment. Don’t over-think it, just feel it. At that moment what was it you realized about yourself. You may have felt like you didn’t fit, that you weren’t like all the others.

What really happened at that moment is that you caught a glimpse of your real self.

For that moment you experience something you didn’t expect to happen, you saw the world in yourself and not yourself in the world. You were experiencing yourself from the inside out. For a moment you became conscious and aware of your real self. You were lucid and then instantly returned to unconsciousness, a result of falling back to sleep once again. What you felt in that lucidity surprised you, pulling you out of the moment.

We are here to help you turn those little glimpses of awareness of your real self into your new normal.

This requires that you learn to live in two worlds. We want you to be that real person all the time because we can’t reach you when you aren’t. See yourself accepting who you are unlike most of the people who surround you.

Do not let the evolution back to your real self be derailed because you fear that people won’t like you. You must have the courage to continue being who you are no matter what others think or say. This is a wonderful transition you are going through that others may not feel ready for in themselves. However, once you go through this transformation and others see how you’ve changed, they will be capable of dropping the fear and show up as their real selves. Having gone through this first, as they begin their journey, they will know that you understand.


  • Most people do not have the courage to be their real selves.
  • Experience the world in yourself, not yourself in the world.
  • Feeling different is not something you should fear or be ashamed of.

HOW IT WORKS: When you feel different that’s the real you showing itself. You must write down what this difference is so you can build on that. How you present your real self to the world is now more important than ever. If you are holding back or hiding, everyone will know. Worrying about what others think of you is living your life for them. You will feel alone in your false world. Nothing could ever make you feel emptier than that. I can tell you from experience, the more authentic you are the easier it is to spot the fakes. So, be prepared to see a lot of fakes, as this is just one of the consequences of seeing people and things for who and what they are as you become who you really are. ~ Linda Deir

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