You Are The Hardest Person To Get To Know, by Linda Deir

The aversion to being hurt controls and limits your ability to feel and experience new things. This is what makes you the hardest person to get to know.

You get too focused on the way things should be rather than allowing your true self to come to the surface of “what is.” Focusing on the “shoulds” is like applying a coat of emotional paint over your life.

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How we get these insightsLinda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about You Are The Hardest Person To Get To Know   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels …

You’ve been carrying these old fears and insecurities around with you for years and they are running through your system like the rusty old plumbing in your house that you can’t see.

These insecurities are carried with you from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood.

They are the emotions and beliefs that limited you like: I’m not pretty enough, or I’m not wealthy enough or desiring to be loved, or doubts that you’re not talented enough, or smart enough to figure life out.

Occasionally you open this time capsule of emotions.

Everything you originally put in there is still there. Your inability to create new beliefs and feelings has made you experience the same old suffering rather than joy. Unless you learn to look into these outdated emotions so you can change your beliefs you will continue running the same old patterns around in your system until your emotional pipes burst.

Take these steps:

  1. Ask us, your Spirit Guides and Angels, to help you identify those fears.
  2. Apologize to yourself for allowing yourself to live with those fears and limiting beliefs for as long as you did.
  3. Acknowledge what you have learned from them. Now, release them. 
  4. This will open up new possibilities and answers to creating a better life that includes our help.


  • It’s just like painting a room. Sometimes you have to strip off the old paint and get down to the primer – the primary coat, the base coat that supports all the others. It’s this innermost basic belief in yourself without all the cover-up that will attract what you really want.
  • You are never quite sure of the condition of the plumbing until you tear a wall out and observe it. Likewise, you can never be sure of the condition of your heart until you tear away the barriers to it. You may need to replace the things in your life that keep the love in your heart from flowing freely.
  • As a child, you did dangerous things not thinking about getting hurt. Sure it could happen, but you didn’t worry about it. As an adult, you have been hurt many times and are fearful of doing things because of it. That is a limiting feeling or belief. This is why we said to identify those fears in your emotional time capsule and apologize to yourself for having them. If you can’t do this then you will never take another chance.

How It Works: You are the hardest person to get to know and by following this guidance you will get closer to knowing the authentic person you really are. It will happen in those moments when you become the observer. You catch yourself watching your limited self. It’s in these moments you are both the authentic person doing the watching and the limited person that you’re watching. When you catch yourself in these two places at the same time, try to maintain this state of awareness as long as possible. This is speed learning. The only thing that can interrupt this is when you realize that this is happening, and start questioning it. This will instantly interrupt your lucid awareness sending you back to the person that you were watching.~ Linda Deir

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